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Do I need to restart my program?


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I was wondering if anyone has had this experience or similar - 


I've been doing the program religiously for 13 days and got caught out shopping with my son at lunchtime today. So I ordered a chicken tikka portion with salad and chilli sauce. I assumed that the chilli sauce was just like chilli sauce I have at home, but from the first taste I knew it had sugar in it. I brushed most of the sauce to one side but I still ate the chicken which had some remaining sauce on it. And I'm sure there was sugar in it now because almost immediately after I had a strangely dodgy tummy, which I haven't had at all for the past two weeks, no matter how many chillies I've eaten.


I'm wondering whether I should start again or just move on. I feel horribly guilty and trying to resist the 'well I've blown it now, I'll just eat what I want and then start again tomorrow' thoughts. BUT, am I cheating the program by continuing? I just don't know!!!


Any advice would be very welcome :)

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I had the same problem once eating hidden sugar by mistake. I was told not to worry about it and just keep on since it was a mistake and it was such a small amount. That person gave me a link about the rules of accidental sugar ingestion but I can't find it now to give it to you. Maybe someone else can find it and give it to you.  Just be more careful next time and go on to day 14.

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I know, I know, "The Moderator" has spoken... I just want to say something too...


I had started on  October 1st originally~

But yesterday when I ordered some tea (hibiscus) at a local coffee shop and took a sip, to my horror they had automatically added sugar!

In my head I was screaming 'you have no idea what you have done!'


I am a bit OCD, so I knew that one sip would EAT AWAY at me.


I would say at the end of the Whole30 " Yes! 30 days no sugar, dairy, grains or legumes!"


But in my head I would whisper- "the sugar is a lie"


I know you are farther along than I am (by far) but are you in a rush?

I am doing this for me, not for anyone else I told I was doing the Whole30

And if it takes me a few tries to get it just right, weather the slip ups were in my control or not, well that just shows I am determined.

I mean... if your not in a hurry why not start over :) cant hurt? right?


All in all I say do what you feel is best FOR YOU.

Both ways are right.

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I know exactly what you mean, I'm the same, and have already imagined my brain saying at the end of the 30 days 'but you didn't really do it did you, not properly...'! I think, though, that the biggest challenge for me is to carry on after a small slip like this and overcome the part of me that wants to just let rip with the foods I've been missing today and then start with a clean slate tomorrow - it's that old 'well I've blown it today, I'll start tomorrow' thinking that's kept me at 16 stone for so long. 


I'm actually planning to do a few whole30's in a row with a couple of days break in between each, so I'll just try and ignore my perfectionism and say I'll have a perfect Whole30 next time around!


Have you restarted your Whole30 after the hibiscus tea incident? That's so annoying that they did that!


Kate :)

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I did restart~ Thanks for asking!

I am glad you made a decision and can move on free of mind! :D

I am on day 4 today... almost gave into my cravings twice! gah!


Luckily held strong...


I cant believe how strong my cravings are! I never knew I was THIS addicted.

Its crazy to me.


Hope your day is going awesome!



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