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New to Whole30.. 3rd Day today!


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Hi everyone,


I'm a SAHM of 2 (boy almost 4 & girl 7months)

I'm so excited to be doing this & I'm expecting great things!

First I was thinking of how to clean up me & the family's eating but didn't have time with a newborn.. then I made great progress with reading about nutrition/ cultured foods, even made our own yoghurt, kefir & bread...then I actually started to analyse more and make more changes by using a visual food diary (App: TwoGrand). TG helped heaps... lots some weight, better relationship with food/ better choices. Then I saw feeds from other people doing the Whole30.. peaked my interest! Read more about it & sounded amazing... exactly what I was ultimately searching for, but didn't even know it :-)


Now, I've always considered myself a 'healthy' person. I've always eaten and enjoyed plenty fruits and veggies & participated actively in sports most of my life... but never seemed to get the balance right...

I've always been "chubby", regardless of my exercise levels... even in school...always had compulsions/ cravings when it came to sugary foods.. to the point where I would want them after every meal & snacks between meals.

This is where it gets ugly...since having my babies I've had Pre-eclampsia, thyroid inflammation (over & underactive), gestational diabetes, high BP... there is also thyroid, diabetes, cardiac disease, depression & anxiety that runs in the family. Have had both depression and anxiety too.... so I figure to some extent they are all related. So my biggest motivating factor is long term health. Yes, it would be nice to not be 'chubby' anymore.. but more importantly I want to stop feeling lethargic/ bloated & I want to have boundless energy.. and NEVER want to eat the way I was eating again, like a sugar addict... don't want to rot my teeth and ruin my body!


What I would like:

- A healthy relationship with food and to largely eliminate cravings/ compulsions forever... or at least be able to manage them

- Energy! (stop the hypothyroid processes, bloated and 'sugar lows')

- Eventually get back to Pilates/ Hot Yoga/ running & try Crossfit.... that's a separate matter but I figure strong mind and energy and being more comfortable in my skin will help me get there :-)

- I would like to be a great example to my kids and eventually get them to eat truly healthy (not 'politically correct healthy')


So here we go!

So far so good... haven't found it too challenging yet :-)


So far, I just have a couple questions:


1) I've been eating the recommended amount of protein.. and it feels like sooo much... really heavy in my tummy- is that normal?

2) I've been able to stick to 3 large meals a day. I've been adding a bit of fruit to breakfast & dinner. The rules say 'occasionally' but I feel like I need it to balance out the meals - is this ok? (I'm also still nursing)





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You might find some good suggestions about eating meat in this article. It does seem to be common among people not used to eating a lot of meat to feel like it's too much.


Fruit with meals is okay, even twice a day. Just don't let it push the vegetables off your plate, and don't have it because you're craving dessert/sweets at the end of a meal -- that's a habit you want to break.


As a nursing mother, you are allowed and even encouraged to eat even more than the three template meals a day. I'm not an expert on how that works, but I know I've read it in other places on the forum -- google something like Whole30 nursing mom for more information.

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Welcome and I too am on day 3! I waited a little long to eat dinner tonight and felt like snacking on anything I could get my hands on! Cooked a turkey burger and tried Brussels sprouts for the first time and man do I feel better. I'm glad I didn't crack and doing this till my craving for something sweet passes. I too am hoping for great results. Good luck to you!

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