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Ground Goat


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I have to let you guys know that I had my first experience with goat meat today.  I have been wanting to pick up some for the last few weeks, and yesterday I did.  I bought a 1lb. package of ground, and made a patty with sea salt, black pepper and garlic powder and 1/2 tsp. of coconut oil in the pan, then I added it to my salad.  The tasted was very mild. compared to lamb(which I love as well), and very moist and delicious!!


Can't wait until tomorrow to have some more!!   I will have to try the chops and stew meat too.


Thought I would share in my new discovery!!


If anybody has tried it before and has a good recipe, please share...



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YUM! It is delish. 


Have a look at this thread for some compliant goat recipes:




Here are the links:

Goat Curry



Thai Green Goat Curry



Jamaican Goat Curry



Roasted Goat Shoulder


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I had delicious stewed goat in Afghanistan, but I have NO IDEA what all it was cooked in. This was about six months before my Whole30, so I was a little less into the foodie world. A friend's unit had the Afghan restaurant on the FOB cater a party they were having...definitely was interesting to go to. I remember the goat being delicious and some sort of rice dish with raisins in it. Off to research Afghan cooking now...

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Deb-  Thanks for the links to the recipes, I am sure going to check them out


MrsStick- I am going to have to do an Afghan research too!


If I would not have done a whole 30 I would, with out a doubt, have turned my noes up to this, as well as other game meats that I have tried.  I am so greatful for discovering the Whole 30 program.....and I say that often :D

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