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The Whole Time


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This is my second W30. I did one in August and I felt great afterwards. My skin was in great order and I had lost some weight. I had a ton of energy.  Since then I have been baking and eating. My small man had croup and I had a horrible cold. My energy levels are low and I am feeling  bit low. Anyway all of that is over and I am ready to go back to feeling truly healthy again. I feel like my last W30 kickstarted by health again. I have Coeliac disease which was diagnosed 2 years ago. When I did my last W30 I felt like my insides had finally healed. At last I was where I was supposed to be. 


Now for this one. 





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On the menu today 


8am - fried egg plus spinach and flaxseeds, coffee. 


10am - After run I had 2 scrambled eggs. 


12am blk coffee 


1.30pm steak, rocket, carrots, green beans, red onion, water 


3.30pm cup of blk tea. 


5.30pm roasted salmon, baby tomatoes, red onion, sweet potato, green beans in coconut oil, carrots, spring onion, lemon. 


Kitchen closed. 

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I have such fond memories of how I felt after I did my first Whole30.  In my head, it's a bit like a movie with some kind of cool inspirational energizing music playing while it shows me running in the hills and waking up early to swim and laughing with friends and sitting in my clean living room playing joyfully with my children.  Ha!  It was never that good, but I certainly did feel better than before.  Your words brought all that back to me and how I too want to feel healthy again.  We're on the right path.  Hope your cold passes, your kid feels better and your energy returns.

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Breakfast eggs, spinach, flaxseeds, blk coffee


Another blk coffee at 11.30.


Lunch steak strips, carrot, courgette, rocket and a blk coffee. 


Had a flu shot today. I was meant to have blood tests too but I forgot I had to fast. I got to the docs after a 40 minute journey and realised I had eaten. FFS!  Heading back in but I am cycling in tomorrow. 45 mins stuck in a car vs 20 mins on bike. No contest. 


I am eating steak at the moment because I have my period.  Need red meat. 


I am heading out to my folks today which means I need to ignore all emotional eating needs. 

Spending time with them is a big trigger for eating. 


I already have a few cravings. Managed to ignore them last night. All I wanted to do was dive into a big bar of choc. 

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I was going well until Sat night. I had an evening out in a restaurant that ended badly.  With WINE. 


Sooooooooo starting again.


Day 1 again 



eggs, spinach, flaxseeds, blk coffee 


Run in the park. 


short cycle and walk



leftover lamb, raw courgette, cooked carrott, coffee



lamb, baby potatoes, carrots, broccoli.



I'm having some sugar cravings today.   Stay strong, stay strong.

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Day 2 


Scrambled eggs, spinach, coconut oil, flaxseeds, coffee


40 min cycle 




Lunch - lamb, potatoes, carrots, courgettes.




Brought Fionn to pool. 



Broccoli, chicken, baby potatoes. 


Cup of herbal tea. 



I had a bit too much coffee today so I am feeling a bit jumpy.  

Feeling tired and I definitely have some sugar cravings.

I think I can deal with them.

Not looking forward to tomorrow when I head out to the folks. I always have sugar cravings when I head out there.


Emotional eating is such a pain.  

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