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  1. I'm still here - not gone. Ate a HUGE wonderful lunch yesterday of cooked slaw, onions, eggs, and sausage. Ate almonds as snacks. Drank my water and my coffee. But at dinner time, with the relatives, we went out to a Mexican restaurant. I ordered carnitas so I had some good intentions, but I didn't really because I ate lots of tortilla chips and then I ate my rice and beans. I ate a LOT. Too much. I felt uncomfortably stuffed. Oh - and I had a beer. Geez - I didn't really go into that with any time of good plan at all!!! The beer was nice though because the weekend is annoying and stressful. I
  2. I loved reading this response from you. Weight is such a crazy isn't it - and the fact that it's such an issue for so many people. I do owe it to myself to not lose traction for too long - but it's sure hard to keep focused on that!
  3. I thought of you today, BabyBear! I was on my second beef stick, second lara bar, and so tempted to eat the chocolate bar in my pocket. It's soy free chocolate which I would eat when I was eating clean, but not officially Whole30. Sighing. I did want to eat it. But I didn't! Day Two: I cooked up the bok choy (that was still fresh looking!) with three eggs and an onion. I baked up slices of sweet potato. I got myself to bedtime. I don't want to topple over again. It's so hard to get back here. It's easier to just persevere (also, easier said than done - obviously). Tod
  4. Ha - I did! Ten pounds gained! It's got to be all bloated weight. I don't think I actually ate enough calories to gain ten pounds of real weight, though my skewed perspective imagines I did. I just read back through my posts. Amy's digestive ills reminded me of mine on Saturday the 8th. Reading back, I slept poorly Friday night. I assumed it was caffeine or excited thoughts, but maybe it was an unhappy body fighting off something in the bowels of my bowels (haha). I also noticed that the foods I ate the following week were not the best for me. They were tasty and I was cooking, but they w
  5. I look at that tea sampler and think....not for me! But you know - maybe I'd like it! I'll keep my eyes open at the store. Super kudos for prepping your lunch AND getting up and making some breakfast!!! As for the digestive scenario - maybe it's your change in eating or maybe you just picked up a small stomach bug. You should still do all the good balanced stuff, of course, but maybe the lack of balance didn't cause it. I even wonder if your not eating could be due to a small stomach bug. I only say this because we had one go through work and people didn't get the normal headache an
  6. I don't eat when I'm stressed. Most of the time it doesn't seem to impact me in any way that I notice and I often feel better because I'm not putting things in my system that bog it down. But, at the same time, there is something to that "take care of yourself" thinking. I'm impressed that you're planning on prepping your foods in the evening.
  7. Day One: It helps putting things in perspective and realizing I only fell off the path for four or five days. My binge eating of junk was a little crazy, but even so, I bet it wasn't as bad as it could have been. I cooked up cabbage and pork last night as well as roasted cauliflower. I'm eating it now after a long day. I didn't get to the gym as planned because I had to pick up the kids, but I ate clean foods and made it till evening. I'm back on board. I was definitely tempted early evening when I didn't have time to get to the store like planned and all I had at work was frozen veg
  8. Oh Amy - I laughed out loud at that! I was so embarrassed also at my falling apart. I'm not cheering on your chocolate eating, but I sure do get it! I guess part of this process if figuring out what blindsides us and then how we react to it. YOU reacted far more gracefully than me!!!
  9. Smiling and a bit of laughing out loud - Well, @BabyBear and @Amy_Michigan I did slip a bit into the abyss and I did do some justification about taking advantage of a slip up to postpone things, but I am still here - just not back in the saddle or on the trail. I sure do love that I was gone a few days (maybe even more than a few) and that I knew when I came back, there would be people still here most likely hoping I was still around. I am very thankful for that and it was nice reading your words and encouragement. I was trekking up a mountain with my backpack, just plugging along, when
  10. @BabyBear @Amy_Michigan I saw your messages last night before bed and I so appreciated the words and I so felt guilty and ashamed - I feel like I've let down the team. I couldn't even write. I know it's okay. This is all part of the process and it's certainly supposed to be about me and not the feelings of others....but I still felt badly. And I think this is a good thing! It's seeing things from the perspective of the person with the clear eyes (you guys) instead of my own muddled self. So yes, I totally biffed it yesterday. And I'm super thankful to have messages from you guys instead
  11. Day 13 - I think I'm floundering a bit. I'm still here, but not in any type of graceful or "I got this" way. I didn't eat much at work yesterday and when we ran by Costco afterwards, I was hungry and wanting all things sweet and savory and labeled "paleo!" or "natural!" or any other marketing ploy. Did you know Daiya makes ice cream bars now? And there are chocolate covered nut and seed clusters? And... There were lots of things calling my name. I ate almonds and more almonds and this morning my stomach is reminding me of all the almonds I ate. We never even had an actual dinner last
  12. I love the photos! I take photos of many of my meals and when people start to talk about Whole30 being wacko or unhealthy or something, I show them photos of my meals.
  13. Beautiful day to you. As for your onion title - I loved it! I thought, "Ahhhh, heaven, another person who speaks in metaphors!" I once heard a trauma counselor refer to an onion as similar to talking about traumas and each time you talk about it, you get closer to the inside, but it takes a lot of layers. Onions are cool things.
  14. Your observations are SO good to read. I tried to do a reintro last time and I suppose I did, but not really enough to gather many observations. Mainly I just stayed away from the foods I thought were an issue. Reading your description of wanting the biscuit and the donuts that weren't even an issue before was affirming! There is a crazy brain/gut reaction and it doesn't seem to take much to open the floodgates of desire. Gluten was one of the things I didn't reintro because I don't eat it much, but at some point I started going to the bakery and not soon after I was eating a pretty sugar bas
  15. Day 12 Slept really well again - and would have kept sleeping a bit more except that I heard my husband's alarm. I rarely use or need an alarm, but I guess today I did! My face is a bit puffy from all the salt I ate last night, but overall things are fine physically. The good sleep really is nice. I just looked at the Whole30 timeline. Days 10 and 11 are the give-up days. I didn't. Day 12 is the start of "boundless energy, give me the twinkie day". I don't think the timeline fits super well, certainly not as I return to Whole30 as a reset, but it's still worth thinking about. I