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  1. Beautiful day to you. As for your onion title - I loved it! I thought, "Ahhhh, heaven, another person who speaks in metaphors!" I once heard a trauma counselor refer to an onion as similar to talking about traumas and each time you talk about it, you get closer to the inside, but it takes a lot of layers. Onions are cool things.
  2. Your observations are SO good to read. I tried to do a reintro last time and I suppose I did, but not really enough to gather many observations. Mainly I just stayed away from the foods I thought were an issue. Reading your description of wanting the biscuit and the donuts that weren't even an issue before was affirming! There is a crazy brain/gut reaction and it doesn't seem to take much to open the floodgates of desire. Gluten was one of the things I didn't reintro because I don't eat it much, but at some point I started going to the bakery and not soon after I was eating a pretty sugar bas
  3. Twenty pounds is A LOT to have released from your body. I also love that release word because it's more accurate than lost. Five pounds is a LOT, but I am usually just as quick to belittle that until I see images of what it looks like. Your weekend sounds wonderful and your husband sounds wonderful as well. Glad you got to spend some good time together (and for you to feel more comfortable - sighing - isn't it sad that so many of us can probably relate!!)
  4. I love this. I may even throw it on my to-do list today to write up on the wall for all of us to consider. We talk a lot in our house about what we want for our kids in school and our own selves, but I think I need to get it in print up on the wall for me to see and refer to.
  5. What a great day! And so fun the things you're noticing. There's a restaurant we like and I didn't realize till after my last Whole30 that I usually left feeling icky and it was the oils they use in their food. Now I can go and request things cooked in olive oil and everything is okay. Pretty revolutionary for me! Your NSV's and your yoga is awesome!
  6. I use this as one of my gauges to see how I'm doing mentally. When I find myself thinking jealous thoughts or resentful thoughts or SNARKY thoughts...I know I need to focus on myself for a bit. I turned 50 last year and I really wanted to turn 50 on a positive note, which I did. And now I want to maintain and thrive in this second part of things so I've been doing lots of questioning on what makes me feel good at the end of the day or what am I proud of over the last week, month, year. And then there's regular life and I'm still me, but I'm more compassionate AND I'm healthier and I like who
  7. Phew! I was worried maybe I said something out of line, or something irritating. Heck - - maybe I did, but you're like the picture of grace! I too really need the accountability and really find the community of like minded people extremely helpful. The heavy cream thing is a great story! That perspective piece is so important. I know for much of my adult life, I refused to diet. I disliked the culture around dieting and didn't like the restraints it put on me. The result was an obese me and an unhappy me. I don't know what this has to do with heavy cream Maybe that I don't like following ru
  8. That weight watchers thing is probably valuable and I know I eat when I'm a certain level of stressed - definitely when I'm procrastinating - and also when I'm not feeling quite right physically. BUT, I don't think it's a total mental thing. I think a lot of it is my body at some chemical level trying to find the med/drug to make things feel better. When I eat the sugary things or the things that I'm sensitive too, then I notice more of those questing yearning behaviors. Or, I notice it when I haven't had enough proteins and fats so I scarf down meats, sweet potatoes, and olives. So for me, I
  9. You are doing such an amazing job. Up at four am with the baby. Oye. It's so exhausting. And then your drive. And the school was closed due to the flu? That's a lot of flu! The recipe sounds fantastic. I opened it up on a tab and will plan to pick up cashews this weekend.
  10. Huge NSV naturally reducing the salt and being able to focus on the balance. In contrast to me right now where I'm about no balance and lots of salt....the difference is huge. You do sound so good and healthy and upbeat. It's great!
  11. Wow - great reactions to notice! I think I reacted to Canola Oil when I was doing my reintro. Never occurred to me that that might be an issue, but with a clean system, you sure do notice things. I like the Daiya cheeses, but I haven't looked at their ingredients too much -legume flours?! Bummer!
  12. Churning stomachs - ugh ugh ugh. Seems like the stomach bugs and the viruses are never ending this year. I'm tired of them. Bet you are at this moment too!!! My go-to's for a queasy stomach has always been eggs and toast or spam and rice. Laughing - Spam! The funny thing is that the spam doesn't have anything in it that causes obvious reactions. The toast is trickier. Hope things pass quickly (ha - that was like a pun) and you feel better soon. Trust your body and what it wants to feel better.
  13. Oh my goodness - the vegan thing did not work for me! I tried a vegan cleanse with some other folks at my doctor's office and weekly we'd all meet and they'd all share how great they were feeling and I'd just stay quiet so I wouldn't mess with the happy vibe, but I felt HORRIBLE. I had headaches, was bloated, was constipated. I read it might be not enough protein so I added more in and still felt horrible. It was a good three week experiment because I felt like I gave it a go and learned that the foods (the grains and the legumes) are not the best visitors in my body. I feel SO much better eat
  14. Panic attacks are horrible! I've only had a minor one when I thought I was stuck in a cave and I can still recall the speeding heartbeat and the changes in my body as I dealt with it. I have a friend who has them occasionally and I can certainly appreciate how exhausting and confusing they are for her. A stinkin' car wash - what a drag to have your day de-railed by something you didn't expect!!! The movie sounds wonderful - what did you see? And your final thought about the brain-gut connection - so true. And so hard to smooth it out!