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  1. Emma

    Day 15 and I'm about to QUIT.

    Fifteen days of eating well is FIFTEEN DAYS your body didn't get all the other crap. And you stuffed your face with MANGOES - not McDonalds or ice cream or an assortment of other junk - mangoes! From the perspective of your body, I'd say this is not so bad. I don't think you're alone in this and I don't think you should stop. It sounds like you know that too. Get through this and then assess what you want to do for the future, but right now, you're going through all the ups and downs of change and your body and mind are resisting because they like the old status quo....but stick with it. Eat more hardboiled eggs and avocados and just keep plugging along. You're doing it!
  2. Emma

    Changes in Menstrual Cycle

    When I reduced my caffeine intake, my cycle went from consistent to 17 days for two months in a row. Freaked me out a bit and I googled and searched the forums and then decided it must be related to the most obvious change in my life (reduced caffeine on top of fairly clean eating). Surprising that it can make such a difference. Nice to know it happens to others as well!!!
  3. I know I let myself eat a LOT when we first started. Whenever I felt any temptation or craving for non Whole30 foods and I wasn't at home, I'd eat a hard boiled egg and sweet potato. Sure doesn't sound exciting, but once I got some Whole30 food in my body, the temptation went away. It felt like I was consuming gobs of calories, but the calories just don't add up as quickly with meats and vegetables as they do with my old foods and a few good beers. I say eat as much as you want and as your body adjusts to eating clean, it will start to tell you when it's really had enough. (And even eating total crazy amounts of food, I think I lost about 10 pounds of bloatedness over that first month)