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  1. Wow - you look like a whole new person and so much younger. I figured when I was turning 50 that it was time to get my act in gear so that I could enjoy this half of the journey instead of get old in it. It's good seeing other people who have been successful and have made the deeper changes. Thanks for sharing the photos!
  2. What an exciting reaction to have! Not that one wants a runny nose, but how cool to have a clear reaction and the chance to really pinpoint something that might cause it. I want those clear signs, but am hesitant to try out things! And interesting the part about hitting a wall. That's very NSVish. It's wild how foods can be impacting us in so many ways without us being aware. I loved reading your posts. We're close in age and your weight loss over the last five years is inspiring. You're in such a good space!!!
  3. Thank goodness you're getting through the first week before heading back to work, but yeah, work will be tricky. Though, again, you're pretty darn prepared! I know I had some pretty bleak meals that just barely grazed the edge of compliance. That problem with the homemade mayo is real. We never use all of our stuff, though my husband did use some awesome BBQ sauce I made to zest up a ground beef and veggie dinner and it was really good. I never would have done that. You're doing great!
  4. You are rockin it! The first week can be so hard. SO HARD. The headache, partners and their food, low energy, the lists of things you want to get done but don't get done....Ahhhhhhh! But it's worth it and you are really rockin the recipes and the cooking and the "dive right in with sleeves pulled up". It would be fun to be there sharing some meals!
  5. I go to "community" then "whole30 log" and then click on my own post to check in each day. I go down to the bottom and hit reply and put my thoughts. then I got back to "whole30 log" and click on somebody else's post and go to the bottom. What I rarely do is click on my actual name because that takes me to a page that shows all my posts and comments which is nice to have as an option, but trickier for me to navigate. Not sure if that response helped at all?!
  6. Rather brilliant to take time off from work for your start. It's a great time of year for you to be starting! You'll find your food style and, like Shannon said, your meals don't all have to be fancy or complicated. I eat a lot of meat and veggies cooked in olive oil with garlic and salt. SO unfancy, but as soon as I start eating, I feel better and don't mind that it's not the really good meals. Not that I don't love the really good meals because I sure do get sick of my quick and easy dishes!
  7. Mayonnaise is not the same as the store stuff! I like the store stuff. And home made mayo can vary. I've thrown many attempts out because of the olive oil taste, but there have been some that turned out okay. AND, our taste changes about a week in, so things that are icky now might be quite fine once you've been eating really clean for a week. You're still on it and grappling with it all. And it does seem so huge and daunting and complicated, but in time, it will get simpler and easier and you'll be such a better cook!! Glad you're still here!
  8. Laughing - I love how you are attacking this process and giving it your all. The first time, my husband and I cleared out our fridge and gave boxes of food and sauces away to the neighbors. We planned a menu, but we were sloppy and didn't really map things out or prep. What I remember most is how much time I spent each day preparing the food. Oh my goodness! It was crazy. I'd never really cooked before and there I was trying to figure out how to peel butternut squash or cut a spaghetti squash and it felt like hours each day. It no longer takes hours each day and we've found shortcuts (no more
  9. When I reduced my caffeine intake, my cycle went from consistent to 17 days for two months in a row. Freaked me out a bit and I googled and searched the forums and then decided it must be related to the most obvious change in my life (reduced caffeine on top of fairly clean eating). Surprising that it can make such a difference. Nice to know it happens to others as well!!!