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  1. Wow - you look like a whole new person and so much younger. I figured when I was turning 50 that it was time to get my act in gear so that I could enjoy this half of the journey instead of get old in it. It's good seeing other people who have been successful and have made the deeper changes. Thanks for sharing the photos!
  2. What an exciting reaction to have! Not that one wants a runny nose, but how cool to have a clear reaction and the chance to really pinpoint something that might cause it. I want those clear signs, but am hesitant to try out things! And interesting the part about hitting a wall. That's very NSVish. It's wild how foods can be impacting us in so many ways without us being aware. I loved reading your posts. We're close in age and your weight loss over the last five years is inspiring. You're in such a good space!!!
  3. When I reduced my caffeine intake, my cycle went from consistent to 17 days for two months in a row. Freaked me out a bit and I googled and searched the forums and then decided it must be related to the most obvious change in my life (reduced caffeine on top of fairly clean eating). Surprising that it can make such a difference. Nice to know it happens to others as well!!!