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Day 1 was...Interesting.


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My Day 1, started off with me feeling tired (despite having over nine hours of sleep) and hungry. I had scrambled eggs with ghee for breakfast then got ready for the day.

I recently moved across the country and had been doing CrossFit for nearly three years back home. However, until today I had not joined my local CrossFit in my new location. I decided today would be the day, so I took my boyfriend's bike to go the 1.7 miles there to see how long the journey would take. I've used my boyfriend's bike a few times, but he must've adjusted it to fit him better...so, it didn't fit me anymore. The seat was way too high making the ground and peddles almost out of reach. Despite this, the bike and I had a good walk to the CrossFit and back.

After getting back, I did some errands and made lunch. Peppered free-range, organic chicken in coconut oil with lettuce, carrot, and balsamic vinegar. Not too long after lunch, it was time to go back to the CrossFit for the actual work out. I headed out sans bike this time. When I got to the gym, only one other person was there and the gym was closed. /: I checked the gym's Facebook page and found that today's WOD was not at the box, but at a pool! Having no idea which pool, I jogged/walked home.

A few more errands later, it was time for dinner: wild caught fish with green beans and macadamia nuts. As I said before, I recently moved to my current location and am living in the house of a friend of my boyfriend's. Now, as much as I like this friend, he's not the cleanest person (as some men are wont to be). As I was cleaning up the dishes left by some other people, the green beans were nicely simmering on the stove. Or so I thought. I turned around to check on them to find flames licking the bottom of the pan (on an electric stove)! It was a small fire caused by the stove not having been cleaned and was easily put out, but a fire nonetheless.

Needless to say, there were some setbacks today. However, I avoided the Reese's Pieces, Oreos, Gobstoppers, popcorn, curly fries, Milk Duds, Poptarts, etc. in the cupboards (most of which I tasted yesterday), so I'd say Day 1 went quite well. (^-^)


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Hey great job! i like the idea of listing down all the temptations we passed up during the day. Its a great subtle reminder of progress and determination (even this early on). Here is what I chose not to indulge in today...despite most of them being in very close proximity to my face lol;

Muesli and yogurt, honey roasted macadamias, m n m's, tims tams (really popular and ridiculously delicious cookie here in Australia) hot chocolate with whipped cream, cream and sugar in my coffee, diet coke, peanut butter toast.

wow go us!!!


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Wine discussed and shot down by both myself and husband last night. BIG HIGH FIVE !!!

Chocolate has been creeping into my mind,but I keep drinking water and getting busy out of the kitchen !

I had to buy 4 bags of lentils this morning for my girls to make bean bags for the fair at our church next weekend. Husband walks into the kitchen, sees them on the counter and says- "Are you trying to kill me ??"

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