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My 30 Days


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So today was the first day of my 30 days, yesterday was originally the plan for starting but I realised I didn't have the right food available. Went to a few shops today looking at what food they had and got most of the meat for the week. I did buy bacon that was Nitrite free only to find out (at another shop that sold the same brand) that it had sugar in it. So disappointed. I was going to eat it anyway but have now put it in the freezer of after I finish the Whole30.

Today has been pretty good, kept to the plan and realised how much I turn to food when not hungry. Have been a bit of a sugar addict lately eating chocolate or lollies every day (and I don't mean just a bit). I kinda new it was screwing with my energy levels and mood but found it hard to stop.

How did I come across this, well I know I need some structure around my diet to get it back on track but am sick of dieting after 20 plus years of it. I have previously lost about 95 kilos, kept it off for a couple of years with strict dieting and lots of cardio. Then gave up dieting because I had just had enough and so tried to eat what I wanted but really listen to my body. That didn't really work for me, I am too much of an emotional eater so have recently put a lot of weight back on. I was pretty much at my wits end about what to do when a colleague of mine suggested the Whole30 and I pretty much overnight (and after a bit of research) decided to give it a go. The approach of the program just really resonates with me.

So how did the first day go food wise. Pretty good although I did a little snacking this afternoon on pistachios.

Brekky was some organic beef, eggs and avocado.

Lunch was lamb sausages, eggs and avocado (notice a theme here)

Dinner will be some scallops with a basil pesto (sans the parmesan cheese) and a green salad.

Feel pretty good about it and i know I can stick to it for 30 days. More salad to go into the diet tomorrow now that I have gone shopping.


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So haven't really been keeping this up to date but thought I would start to.

Felt pretty good all day, still a bit tired but I didn't sleep well last night so that's no real surprise. Still getting a bit hungry about 3-4 hours after lunch but will ramp up the fats (on the suggestion of someone else) and see if that helps.

Food intake today was.

Brekky - Mushrooms cooked in ghee and rosemary, 2 x Hardboiled eggs, avo

Lunch - roast chicken with pesto (sans parmesan), salad

Late afternoon snack - handful of mixed nuts (almonds, pecans, walnuts)

Dinner - Lamb chops, mushrooms, sweet potato fritters (which were divine).

Hope everyone is travelling well.


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Feeling good today although I am noticing how much reliance I had on food when I was tired or bored....

Tummy was a bit upset this afternoon but I am hoping that is just part of the course and it will come good. Food today was:

Brekky: HB eggs, a sweet potato fritter and a few mushrooms, ago, coffee with coconut milk

Lunch: chicken sausage, salad, avo

Dinner: lamb chops, roast carrots, guacamole, spinach, sunflower sprouts (a weird combination I know).

Bring on tomorrow.

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Was reading your posts feeling thoroughly uninspired to eat breakfast...liked your hb eggs and pumpkin fritters idea

How do you make the fritters?

I started same day as you

I too have a history of dieting all my life ...I only have a few kilos to loose which I loose and then regain over and over

I spend my life looking for the perfect diet ,trying this and that and never sticking to it

So this is important to me

I have to see this through

You are so right ,most of my eating especially after dinner is boredom ,emotional ,habit not hunger or even cravings

Good luck

Love reading all the posts,very encouraging

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Thanks DJ, good luck with your 30 days.

Sarah, here's the recipe for the sweet potato fritters. They were yummy but next time I'd use either olive oil or just less coconut oil to cook them in. I'm finding it hard to adjust to the coconut oil.


You might also like zucchini and sweet potato fritters, I made these tonight and they were also yummy.


Good luck with the 30 days. How is it going for you? My night time cravings/habits are still there but I have been able to resist them the last couple of nights which is great. It helps that I feel really satisfied after my meal.

My tummy is still a bit topsy turvey on and off, today it was just before lunch and then again just before dinner. From reading people's blogs it looks like this isn't too uncommon and I'm hoping that it will settle down.

Today I had:

Brekky: Banana, 2 eggs fried in oil, avo

Lunch: Steak, salad and avo

Dinner: Steak, zucchini and sweet potato fritters and green beans.

Need to try and drink more water tomorrow, getting a bit dehydrated.

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My day has been ok.probably cos i have been too busy to think about food

I have a few food intolerances eg avo and quite a few other fruits .

Also I have been a vegetarian for a few years but eat fish and eggs

So my food choices are a bit limited

However I did eat a liitke meat tonight and seem to have fewer cravings after dinner

I will try the fritters


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Thanks for the fritter link, it sounds devine. Just a comment on the upset tummy. I had a couple hectic days where I had to eat eggs for my protein for all 3 meals. I found that too many eggs made me have weird tummy issues. Now I eat them for just one meal a day and it seems fine. Could be that time will fix it too as your digestion heals, but I thought I'd share.


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