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April's First Whole30


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Well, this is it!!  I've been reading up on it for a while.  Now I'm jumping in!!


Who am I?

 - a 51 yo homeschooling mom of 6, and new grandma in May.  Four are out of the house (daughters are married, sons           are in college).  I have a freshman in public high school and an 8th grader at home.  This is the end of my 18+ years homescholing.


My food issues?

I love food!! Especially dark chocolate and ice cream. I snack and sample ALL DAY LONG!! My meals are pretty healthy, with a lot of unhealthy snacking!


Starting weight: 186 ARG!!!!!


Day 1:


B - scrambled eggs with veggies and ham


L - spinach salad with chicken, onion and avocado. Homemade Whole30 dressing


D - Taco Salad - YUM!  http://stupideasypaleo.com/2014/02/27/tasty-taco-salad-by-living-loving-paleo/


Day 2 (so far):


Headache when waking up :oP


B - Two eggs, over-easy with salsa and avocado


Need to make pumpkin muffins with butterscotch chips for my son's student government potlatch tomorrow.  This will be a huge test :oP


Holding strong!!




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Baking for the kids and not licking the spoons is rough!!  Pumpkin muffins with butterscotch chips sound particularly rough! :)  It's amazing how easy it is to lick the spoon without even realizing what you're doing.


Welcome to Whole30!

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