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Interesting Side Effect of non complient foods


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Yay, I've made it! I had decided not to do a proper reintroduction protocal. I've never had issues with any of the elimiated food groups and I also plan to reintroduce all of those food items, and today, my first day off Whole 30, I'm leting myself splurge. Sugary coffee, slice of pizza and a ham w/cheese sandwich (also eating a large salad, bananas and of course lots of water). I feel fine, not tired, not bloated, lots of energy; interestingly what I do notice is a heavyness behind my eyes and that I'm having difficulties focusing my vision.


Before the Whole 30 I had been contemplating getting my eyes checked because things were starting to go out of focus, but it wasnt something I gave any thought to while on the Whole 30. Today is the first day that I've noticed things are off again...


I don't plan on eating every day like I have eaten today, I definitly want to continue my newly established eating habbits, today was simply a splurge day.

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