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After getting 12 hours of sleep (arguably totally unnecessary sleep because I wasn't sleep-deprived), I woke up on Day 13 with boundless energy, optimism, and no cravings. Last night may have been the actual beginning for me, as I spontaneously decided to clean my entire apartment --- even scrubbing the burners on the stove!

This morning I gladly ate tilapia, spinach, butter lettuce, tomato, and a sweet potato with ghee for breakfast, which were leftovers from last night's dinner with family. I think I'm finally getting the hang of figuring out how much protein, fat, and carbohydrate I need with each meal. Yesterday I was craving sugar and reevaluating my decision to have even started a Whole30. Today is the first day that that I've really felt the positive effects of that decision: stable energy, positive mood, calmness, and clearer/softer skin.

Hopefully this is helpful to anyone struggling with the first two weeks of the program. It definitely does get better! :)


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