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Lyme Disease , MS and PCOS - A Big Mess

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Hello I am in day 1 of Whole 30


Last night I stripped my kitchen and went and bought food for whole30.


I am wondering how helpful this is going to be for my medical conditions.


Not to mention  I have emergency surgery this year for 3 8cm ovarian cysts which now they are looking down the pipleline and giving me a PCOS diagnosis,


I am 32 years old . 

Work fulltime.


I was given my lyme diagnosis this year also so yes its all happening for me!



I am doing the autoimmune Whole30 and I was wondering does anyone have any tips or tricks?


I am so exhausted wheen I get home from work I barely have the energy to put together a meal. 


Can anyone shed some light on something that is quick and easy.


Also how much water do you generally consume?


Thank you 


Love and Light



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For easy, go bulk cooking and think about ways to reduce prep. I can cut up and bake sweet potato, or I can bake it in the skins and peel it after just with fingers.

Boiled eggs are great too. Bake two chickens at once, see if you can buy anything that's already prepped, like washed salad or diced veggies.

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