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Whole30 with a young toddler that doesn't sleep through!


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Hi all

I've just finished a Whole63 and while I've been successful in shifting inches and kgs, I have this nagging feeling that I didn't do as well as I could've. I have a 15 month old son that doesn't sleep through the night yet, so I can count on two hands the number of the unbroken nights sleep I've had in the past 15 months. I'm pretty sure this has contributed to me not being as successful in my first Whole30 as I could've been.

Has anyone else experienced something similar? Any tips? I would love hear other parents experiences!

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Lack of sleep will definitely impact your results, but I wouldn't say you "didn't do as well as you could." It sounds like you did do as well as you could in your current situation. Why compare yourself to other people with other contexts? Enjoy the results you got and congratulations! A whole63 with a toddler is no joke. Good work!


ps- when your situation changes, and you are getting more sleep you are going to be in a great place, having learned so much about what foods make you feel good. it will be awesome!


pps. I'm sure there are moms with tips (that's not me), and I don't want to discount those, just making sure you are aware of what a great job you did this first time around. 

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I agree with Miss Mary, you did do as well as you could!


I have two young kids and rarely get a night of uninterupted sleep. What has helped me is to shift my attitude from "must have a night of unbroken sleep for it to be a good night" to more of a place where I accept sleep for what it is at this time in my life. During my first Whole30 I was woken up on average 2-4 times per night. Now it is maybe once, and I do get nights with no wake-ups. But I don't count on that: I try to go to bed a little earlier than I would need to, just to have an extra hour or 30 min in the bank. I think the earlier bed time is key in feeling more alert when I wake up.


Also, it does get better with time, I promise! :)

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