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Julia's Whole 30 on November 30!


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I am starting tomorrow!  I am ready.  I spent a lot of time today washing and prepping veggies for the week.  Went shopping and got 100% grass fed beef, chicken, eggs, fish. 


My husband and I did Whole 30 in January.  He mostly eats "paleo" anyway, but we both have strayed too far off the reservation!  I compete in bodybuilding (which is not good for my food issues) and now am starting powerlifting (don't have to diet so hard) so I will be having a post training meal. 


The last month or so I have had a real problem with binge eating on weekends and then being super strict Mon-Fri.  Every weekend I say I'm going to be better and then I repeat!  Driving me nuts and making me sad.  Self-sabotage. Since Wednesday it's been a carb/sugar fest, ugh! I am rereading It Starts With Food, so that is getting me in the mind frame.  I know better, I read all the right stuff, I train hard in the gym, we buy quality food already, but I sneak the stuff I know I shouldn't eat.  I am 52 years old, I shouldn't be sneaking food...


Happy to be starting tomorrow.  I know I will be successful and I know I will feel better mentally and physically. And it will be a Whole Life, not just a Whole 30!

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