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Protein (maybe) in urine?


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This is very personal but I am wondering if anyone else is experiencing this.  After 5 weeks  (I am doing a whole -forever, at least for now),  I noticed bubbles in my urine.  Of course I have totally freaked myself out googling this.  It usually indicates protein in the urine  and now I have decided that my kidney are failing.  Damn you internet!


I have NOT been drinking enough water which I read could affect this.  I have an appt for a urine test but not for a few weeks because I am away for the holidays.


Can anyone offer me any advice to help me stop worrying?  I am pretty sure that this is not a coincidence and is related to my diet....


Thanks in advance.

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Oh!  Stay away from Dr. Google, that dude is bad news!


I am not a doctor or medically trained in any way, but I would suggest you get serious on your water intake for the next couple of weeks, at least half an ounce per pound of bodyweight of clean, clear water. 


Since I Dr. Googled your issue as well, I also found A) cleaning chemicals reacting with your pee, 2) dehydration and C) vigorous explusion of the pee to be benign causes of the bubbles.


I wouldn't immediately jump to kidney failure if I were you and I would NOT Dr. Google the symptoms of kidney disease to see if you match up.


The "protein in urine" thing could be diet related if that's what it turns out to be and that can be benign also if you are all of a sudden eating large amounts of protein that your body is not otherwise used to.  Whole30 can bring protein to the forefront for many people, depending on what their Pre-Whole30 diet was like, it could be an adjustment.


You could also have a UTI which is fairly benign as well and simple to treat.


All in all, what I'm trying to say is that there are a LOT of reasons that you could be experiencing this and going right to Kidney Failure is going to make you crazy for the next three weeks until you get to your dr.  Try to relax.  :)

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