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Second Whole30 - Starting December 27, 2014


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Day Ten - The Hardest Day! - January 10, 2015


Another great day! Definitely faced some temptation as I went home for the day, and the smells of freshly bought fries and Nutella surrounded me. I help strong though. It got worse when my dad invited me out to dinner at a AMERICAN STYLE JAPANESE BUFFET. I couldn't eat a single thing except for the paper thin, hard sashimi and the plain shrimp. But I still pressed through.


I even woke up and went for a hike up Stone Mountain with my roommate. 


Food Log: 


Breakfast- Tikka Masala


Lunch- Tikka Masala 


Dinner- six shrimp/six sashimi pieces 

two pieces of bacon 


salad greens 




Bring on Day 11!

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Day Eleven - January 11, 2015


Fun day today but feeling a bit icky. I feel a little down - worried that I won't see results from this, and I don't know why because clearly I am already seeing results. I guess I want the same quick, obvious weight loss that I had a couple years ago, though it is clear that can't happen in the same way since I weigh 40 pounds less than I did then. And I know we say it isn't about the number on the scale, and that is so true... I just need to break my habit and my obsession with what that number says. (I haven't been weighing, I have just been speculating about if I have lost any weight) 


It is only Day 11. There is still 20 days to go, and I think it will really start to reveal itself as time goes on. 


Food Log: 


Breakfast- last bit of tikka masala (very small portion)

half of a beef bar 

handful cashews


Lunch- Chipotle 


Dinner- bit of turkey 

green beans sauteed

roasted sweet potatoes 


Day Fifteen is in this week - that halfway portion is in just four days! Crazy! 

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Day Twelve - January 12, 2015


Can't believe it is already Day Twelve! It is crazy to think that come this Thursday, I'll be halfway through my first Whole30. It has been such an easy experience so far... I haven't dealt with many cravings, I haven't had a lot negative physical symptoms aside from being a bit sleepy, and each day I have been gaining more and more energy and feeling so ready to attack anything or accomplish anything the day presents with me whereas before I was rather. I know I am not in "Tiger Blood" mode yet, but I take great joy in the fact that it is only going to get better each day. I look forward to where I will be in 18 days. I know there is more for me even after that, I am thinking of continuing the program for at least a few weeks after that because I do have a conference in San Diego, CA in April that I would like to look great for and feel great for. 


I think I can hit several of my health and fitness goals by then... it is four months away. And it is pretty amazing what you can do in four months. 


Anyway, just some thoughts. I am still strong. Haven't even come close to caving yet - but you never know when that resolve will slip away. I am trusting in my own strength and believing that won't be anytime soon. :-) 


Did 20 minutes high-intensity isolation exercises with the roomie again. 


Food Log: 


Breakfast- three pieces of compliant bacon (it's on sale at Whole Foods even for just 4.99 right now!!!)

one fried egg

sauteed kale 


Lunch- bowl of delicious seafood chowder (one of my faves) 


Dinner- bowl of delicious seafood chowder 


So good and so easy! 



Can't wait for another Whole30 day to put into the bank!!

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Day Thirteen - January 13, 2015


Good day! As always. Feeling more energetic for sure. Can't believe I am almost halfway through with the Whole30. Crazy!! 


And I did another 20 minutes of high intensity isolation exercises. 


Food Log: 


Breakfast- Bacon 



Lunch- last bowl of seafood chowder


Dinner- burger bites 

half an avocado 

salad greens

sauteed brussels sprouts

half roasted sweet potatoes


Sleep well people!  



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Day Fourteen - January 14, 2015


What a busy day! Wow. I have just been on the go everywhere today. I am leaving town for FOUR days so I am packing my cooler full of goodies. I don't think I'll cheat or anything... I would definitely starve before I do that at this point, but I have had to be careful about meal planning and prep and making sure I have all the things I need to supplement in the case I need to skip a meal if a place doesn't have compliant food. So I made roast chicken and shredded it to go into lettuce wraps, I also have shredded turkey, compliant beef jerky, cooked bacon and hardboiled eggs, avocados, Larabars, nuts... hoping that is enough to tide me over. 


Can't believe I am at the halfway mark come tomorrow. It feels great knowing that this Whole30 was no big deal compared to the last one I did, and that I am getting grips on what feels right for my body, what is healthy, and what is possible for me to make. I also am not nearly as hungry as I used to be, especially today. 


Food Log: 


Breakfast/Lunch- leftover burger bites

half of roasted sweet potato

sauteed brussel sprouts


Snack- (because I had a cooking mishap) 

Blueberry Larabar


Dinner- legs off the roast chicken 

some of the carrots and onions from the juice

sauteed brussel sprouts




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