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Chapped/Cut lips?

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Hi all! My boyfriend, Nick, and I are on our first Whole 30 adventure together {and blogging it!: http://youarehealthy.tumblr.com} and we've had up and down moments, but this one is just weird.

We're currently on Day 15, and for around 4-5 days, Nick has had what feels like microcuts on his lips. It started off as a numb feeling, almost like a fever blister, so he kept drinking plenty of water {never a problem for him} and applying Carmex, but eventually the numbness went away and he's just left with what feels like cuts on his upper lip.

He keeps wondering if it's a dehydration thing, but like I said, he's ALWAYS been a plenty of water type person, so we don't think that's it. {I'm actually not as good with drinking enough water, but I feel fine.}

When he looked it up online, it said it could be all kinds of a vitamin deficiency, but everyone disagreed on which on.

Any thoughts, community?

EDIT: Now he's thinking it's a rash, rather than cuts. Hope this helps! We'd love to find an answer.

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Well, we figured out what's going on, anyway.

After speaking to Nick's dad, who is a physician, he decided that it was a vitamin deficiency. Especially given that we had both been eating too much fruit {causing major stomach/digestive issues}, he was probably losing all of his vitamins.

So, since we were going to do it anyway, we've both scaled back on the fruit. I'll be at 3 servings/day, he's trying 1 serving or none.

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