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Finally doing my first whole30!


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Hi everyone,


I've lurked here for ages to pick up tips after getting It Starts with Food book last year..but never got round to actually doing my first whole30 until now. I've been eating primally on and off for 4 years and had lost quite a bit of weight, improved my health etc through it. But this year I've slid back into a rubbish diet and have regained loads of weight and my health has suffered too. So from 1st January I have decided I will finally be doing my first Whole30.


My planning is well under way - I've done a meal plan for the first week and will be shopping for it tomorrow. I've also sorted my larder and fridge to hide the rubbish the rest of the family eat and make my real food the first thing I see.


I'm nervous about how it will work with having to cook junk for the rest of the family as well as my whole30 meals, but am trying to look at it as a treat for me - some selfish pampering for my body for a whole month.


Looking forward to chatting with you all xx


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