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Because... Hawaii in March

Angela S

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So I have been procrastinating starting my W30 for one reason or another since Thanksgiving 2013. I've started multiple times but never seem to make it past the carb-flu stage. Mainly because I think I've been lazy. My husband has been doing most of the cooking for the last few years since he gets home from work much earlier than I do. So the first thing I've done to help insure success is take back my kitchen. I have made a list of meals I'm planning on making, posted my list of reasons to complete my W30 and explained to my family why this is important to me. I am starting this log to keep myself accountable because that was the reason my first W30 was so successful. (A support network I no longer have daily access to due to career change.) I had surgery December 2nd and still am not back to normal as far as physical activity, but I am feeling better every day and look forward to getting back into jeans! (although, I do now appreciate the importance of owning yoga pants) 


One last holiday trip this weekend, and when I return I will be ready to hit my W30 full throttle!

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Spent the weekend in beautiful western Colorado having the last of the holiday celebrations with the in-laws. Even though I wasn't eating W30, I tried to be mindful of what I was eating and passed on most of the sugary treats (Yay me!) to hopefully reduce my crash this coming week. Discussed ISWF with my mother-in-law and bought her the book before we left. Returned home at noon, had some lunch and started my marathon prep/cooking session for the week. Made Chocolate Chili, roasted chicken thighs, roasted spaghetti squash, sweet potatoes, green beans, Moroccan Chicken, olive oil mayo, Moroccan dipping sauce and prepped a pork roast for the slow cooker to start in the morning AND made dinner for the family. Even though I didn't get everything done I wanted to (I was being pretty optimistic since we got up at 5 AM and drove for 5 1/2 hrs and I still had to unpack, get kids ready for school and get back to real life.) So I'm feeling prepared enough to call it quits for tonight and get a good nights sleep so I can hit the ground running tomorrow.

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1st day of my W30. Feeling pretty successful today. Woke up with a headache and sore hips, didn't notice when they were gone, but must have gotten better since I don't have them now. While making dinner, cooked more chicken thighs, sauteed chopped spinach and onions to add to scrambled egg muffins. I used a mini loaf pan so they are slightly larger than a muffin- one with some avocado and fresh salsa make for a quick meal. Plus, they freeze really well.


Meal 1: Scrambled eggs on a bed of sauteed spinach 

Meal 2: Chocolate Chili

Meal 3: Italian Lemon Chicken with roasted potatoes and broccoli 



Trying to decide what type of log I want to create. I haven't read other W30 logs, maybe I should. Is this for just for me to track and hold myself accountable for what I'm eating? Or should I also include how I feel, what I'm thinking as well as what I'm hoping to accomplish? How much time to I want to spend reflecting on my day, or do I have that time with my family obligations? Am I writing this for other's to read, or simply writing as detached self-reflection? I think I'll ponder on that for the rest of the evening. 

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I would normally attribute this massive migraine to diet change, but since there are other symptoms, fever, chills, nausea, I may have to admit I am the last to get this damn flu that each member of my family has had in one form or another over the past week. Not exactly sure if my symptoms are worse because of being on the W30, but it doesn't really does matter?  Really wish I would have had the time/ingredients to have made bone broth on Sunday. I've had no appetite but managed to force (and keep) down besides mugs and mugs full of chamomile tea:

Meal 1: a banana

Meal 2: spaghetti squash with roasted chicken

Meal 3: chocolate chili over 1/2 sweet potato


Fever has broken and nausea is subsiding, but headache and body aches are still in full swing. Off to sleep some more and hope this passes quickly.

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Day 3 Meal 1: 2 egg loafs (I made Monday night) with sauteed spinach and onions

Meal 2: Moroccan chicken, green beans and green salad

Meal 3: slow cooked pork roast with sweet potato and steamed carrots


Still have a slight headache, but again, not sure if it's residual flu or diet change, so it's pretty easy to not get discouraged and stick to W30 because I'd have a headache either way! This morning was the first time I've felt hungry. I wasn't starving, just realized while making lunches for the kids, "I've been awake for 45 minutes and I need to eat soon." Before, I could go until 10 or 11 before I felt hungry. So I started steaming some brussels sprouts and the 11 year old walked in for breakfast and asked if he could have some too! WIN! While I am not forcing them to eat W30 compliant 100% of the time, they are for dinner because I'm encouraging them to eat what is made. Since I have been making dinners, they are W30, although I made packaged mashed potatoes for them while I had a sweet potato last night (can't convince any of them to eat sweet potatoes), and they got applesauce and I didn't because I was out of the homemade sugar free stuff :( 


I have pork stock simmering on the stove, trying to decide how long I want to leave it going. I also have enough food prepped that I shouldn't have to cook for the rest of the week. I think I might take a few of the meals and freeze them for the future when I'm burned and out and not so prepared... around week 3. I have been sleeping better, waking up at 5, but going back to sleep and finding it hard to get up when the alarm goes off at 6:15. But I'm going to blame that on the flu (why not? gives me a few more days to be lazy!) I will have to start exercising by the end of the week, it's been just over 5 weeks from surgery and I got the okay from the Dr. so I guess I'm out of excuses on that front.

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Day 4, Meal 1: 1 egg loaf, brussells sprouts and a handful of almonds

Meal 2: lemon chicken, roasted potatoes and broccoli

Meal 3: spaghetti (with spaghetti squash), green salad 


Woke up this morning feeling great!  Even thought about getting out of bed when the alarm went off...I didn't, but I thought about it. I am finding that once I'm awake for about 45 minutes, I start to get hungry. Which works out well since I'm usually in the kitchen getting lunches and breakfasts made for the boys. So I throw some tea on, make everyone's food and sit down and eat with the youngest. I'm really enjoying this less hectic morning schedule, drinking tea, talking with my boys, reading some news, posting here. Reflecting on the previous day has helped me go on with the current day more relaxed and with more confidence. 


I have already started thinking about prepping for next week. I am honestly surprised that no one has complained much about what I have been cooking. Granted, last night I made them spaghetti, while I had squash... but I usually do that, so no big shocker there. They don't question what is in it (or what's not) anymore. Since the youngest loves to cook, I think I'll let him pick some recipes and help make them this weekend.


I think I lucked out (yes, I'm choosing to be "lucky") with getting sick the first day. It gave me a reason to keep going and not give in to the carb flu like I have previously. I knew I was going to feel like rubbish either way, so why not stick with it? And it has paid off. Compared to how I felt Tuesday, even though my energy level is still down, still have a headache (I'm attributing it the the horrible air quality), I feel 150% better than I did. Even planning to start working out.

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Day 5 Meal 1: sweet potato and spinach hash with eggs over easy

Meal 2: leftover something, there were veggies and a protein (...it's been a long couple of days)

Meal 3: pork roast with green salad


Day 6, Meal 1: hard boiled egg and pumpkin soup

Meal 2: chocolate chili

Meal 3: large green salad with roasted chicken and coconut flakes!!


Today was tough, only because I was really looking forward to sleeping in, and when I woke up at my normal weekday time, I was not thrilled. But as I was laying in bed, I remembered a time, not so long ago that I didn't mind waking up early on the weekends because I was so well rested and felt great that I couldn't wait to go do fun things. That thought made it a little easier to get up and make myself breakfast. 


I really do need to remember to log in every day, as my memory is very hazy of what I felt like and what I ate.


I was discouraged this morning as I began preparing my grocery list, feeling a bit sluggish and head-achy (still attributing it to the inversion), trying to find compliant recipes that my family won't complain about (they were almost complimentary about dishes this week) was overwhelming. As I was looking through cookbooks and online I was actually able to plan 2 weeks worth of meals. Some were so similar that I knew I couldn't get away with both of them in the same week. So as I was grocery shopping today, I was able to plan ahead and get most of next weeks as well, which should hopefully allow me to have time to do something fun on Saturday...


Tomorrow will be another big prep day, it really did make things go a little smoother this week. Although I still feel like I lived in the kitchen and I'm not really looking  forward to washing all those dishes...again. 

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Haha...no, they are basically egg muffins but I make them in a mini loaf pan. 2 "egg loaves" are equal to 3 eggs. Other ingredients vary depending on my mood when I make them. I have in the past used spinach, onions, tomatoes, artichokes, mushrooms, broccoli, sausage, hamburger, turkey, or chicken. They re-heat well and are a great grab and go. They are also great with fresh salsa and avocado.

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Day 7, Meal 1: 2 egg loafs and brussells sprouts

Meal 2: pulled pork with sweet potato and cauliflower mash

Meal 3: spring mix salad with mushroons, tomatoes and  chicken salad (made with my fresh mayo, diced chicken thighs, eggs, celery and green peppers) My favorite new salad!


I am feeling so stoked right now! This morning was VERY productive. Finally got all of Christmas put away, (yeah, I know...)and left the day free for making a bunch of things I've been wanting to make all week. I made almond milk for the first time (almond meal is in the oven drying as I type), mayo, ranch dressing, and clarified some butter. Had a great lunch of pulled pork and sweet potato and cauliflower mash I've made to use for lunches this week. I have my menu in place and fridge full and my kitchen is "mostly" clean. Even


I am having food prep dreams, maybe because I was trying to organize in my head how to make best use of my time. I had started soaking the almonds last night and was pretty excited to try to make it this morning. As I was making the almond milk, my family was mezmerized and all 3 of them sat at the counter and watched in wonder. None of them would try it, but did admit they were pretty impressed. I 'm a little tired of being in the kitchen, so I asked my husband to cook dinner, which he used to do anyway so that I can actually try an relax a little today. He agreed, so I am going to go put my feet up, watch the remainder of the Broncos game and enjoy the rest of my night, happy in the thought that I have made it through my first week and haven't wanted to kill anyone or had any major temptations to go off plan. I'm calling that a successful week 1!

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Day 8, Meal 1: spinach and sweet potato hash with 2 eggs over easy and 1/2 an avocado

Meal 2: raw carrots, tomatoes and cucumbers with homemade ranch dressing and a hard boiled egg

Meal 3: roasted chicken with sweet potatoes, onions and carrots.


Today started out great. I woke up early, an hour before my alarm and felt well rested. It's been a while since I've felt like that. Since I was feeling so good, I just kept completing task after task (clean this, put away that) until I realized that I hadn't even taken a shower or gotten ready for work. By the time I was ready, I was so late, I didn't even have time to put my lunch together. I ended up eating raw veggies with the ranch dressing I had made on Sunday. It must have been enough, because I didn't feel hungry until I was making (and smelling) dinner.


I was talking to my husband today about my progress and how good I feel today and he said he has noticed I seem to have more energy lately. Can't decide if it's because it has been 6 weeks since my surgery or from changing what I am eating. Probably a combination of both. I'm just glad that I'm starting to feel like myself again. Still having slight headaches and I am congested, and I honestly wonder if I lived somewhere with better air if that too would go away. 


I finished making vegetable and beef stock today. I used some of it to make pork and cabbage stew that I can have for lunches this week. I am using the chicken bones to make chicken stock. When that is finished, as my son stated, I will be stocked up on stock. I've been pleasantly surprised at how well my family is taking to the changes. I think my husband is just glad to not be doing most of the cooking.

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Wow, where does the time go...

Day 9, Meal 1: 2 egg loafs with tomato and avocado salad

Meal 2: bowl of pork & cabbage stew

Meal 3: homemade chick-fil-a nuggets with large green salad


Day 10,  Meal 1: sauteed spinach and peppers w/ 2 eggs over easy

Meal 2: roasted chicken w/sweet potatoes and onions

Meal 3: grilled hamburger with sauteed mushrooms, sweet potato and cauliflower mash and roasted broccoli


Day 11, Meal 1: Pork and cabbage stew

Meal 2: large spring mix salad w/mushrooms, peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, avocado and hard-boiled eggs, homemade ranch dressing

Meal 3: egg drop soup, chicken lettuce wraps


Day 12: Meal 1: sauteed sweet potato, spinach and peppers with 2 eggs over easy

Meal 2: grilled hamburger with sauteed mushrooms, sweet potato and cauliflower mash and roasted broccoli

Meal 3: Roasted cabbage w/ chicken lettuce wrap


The past few days have felt like a whirlwind. the cravings have finally kicked in. Not so much for a specific item, just "munchies." I even impulsively bought a container of blackberries because they looked good. I didn't eat any of them, simply out of denial of my craving. I think I might add them to a salad in a day or two.  I have consistently been waking up before my alarm. Had more energy in the mornings than I've had in ages. Evenings have been going a little smoother, not feeling so overwhelmed with the process of fixing compliant meals. Found a new (most of the family) favorite in the chicken lettuce wraps. Good thing I bough extra bottles of coconut aminos since they proved to difficult to obtain in the first place. Every store I tried was out of stock for days and every "next shipment" seemed to not have them. 


I have felt very engulfed in meal planning/preparing lately, so I have decided for the next week I am going to take family favorites and make them compliant. My husband has agreed to help now that he has a better understanding of what is/isn't allowed. (And because I've removed just about everything non-compliant from the kitchen.) 

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Hello Tina, no worries... It's a public(ish) blog. I'm flattered that anyone is reading it. I have a great recipe for cauliflower and sweet potato mash that requires almond milk. I usually keep it around for my son, but he is at school and I didn't want to buy a 1/2 gallon because I knew I would never use it. Plus, I had read that it wasn't too hard and I had just bought a large package of almonds from Costco and thought "what the hell!". So I just researched it on google and ended up combining a few different recipes. I rinsed then soaked 1/2 cup of raw almonds over night (at least 12 hrs but no more than 24 I read) in filtered water with a pinch of salt. After about 15 hrs or so, I rinsed them thoroughly and put them in the blender with 1 1/2 cups filtered water. When completely blended, I strained it through a metal strainer lined with cheese cloth. It's certainly not a clean process, but the milk turned out well and I even dried the strained almond meal(in the oven as low as it will go, for about 2-3 hrs just to dry it). I ended up freezing the remaining milk in icecube trays, because I was right, I didn't even use more than the 1/2c I needed for the recipe. They suggested adding vanilla bean or rehydrated dried dates, but being on the W30, I thought I would try to stay away from any sweeteners. I would definitely consider doing it again. 

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Day 13, Meal 1: cinnamon spiked beef and tomato stew

Meal 2: a hodge-podge of leftovers, one egg loaf, a little chick-fil-a chicken, carrot sticks, salad and an orange.

Meal 3: spinach salmon salad (first meal out since starting W30)


So breakfast this morning was made up of what was supposed to be for dinner last night. But since it got started late and took longer than I expected, we had leftovers for dinner and now we have stew for the next few days, win/win I guess. 


We went out for dinner tonight for the first time since starting the W30. I have to admit, I was a little scared. Even though I researched and the waiter had all the "right" answers, I still felt like I was doing something wrong. I did bring in my own dressing  (ISWF Dreamy Avocado) and it was a salad that I actually order on a regular basis, but I swear that salmon tasted awful sweet. And if I was to be completely honest, I did get a little sad that everyone got frozen yogurt on the way home and I couldn't. Even realizing that I didn't WANT any... I was still disappointed that everyone got something that I didn't (full disclosure, it may just be the PMS).  


I had forgotten that I used to not mind waking up early on a weekend. I actually get some "me time" in since everyone else is sleeping. I don't want to wake them, so I usually end up reading which I never feel I have time to do during the week. I am starting to feel like the old me again, and I think everyone else is seeing her too. 

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Day 14, Meal 1: roasted chicken w/sweet potatoes and onions

Meal 2: 2 hard boiled eggs wrapped in prosciutto, coleslaw and blackberries

Meal 3: taco salad with tomatoes, onions, dreamy avocado dressing and guac


Totally got the munchies again today. I drank a ton of water and just tried to distract myself. It seemed to work, I didn't actually snack on anything so I'm totally giving myself a mental high five right now. I'm sleeping very well, waking rested and with loads of energy that lasts through the day. Headaches are nearly non-existent, anxiety levels are diminished, attitude is much improved, I would even dare say I'm feeling happy. Enjoying my interactions with family again, and for the most part feeling less stressed and irritable. I finally


My youngest LOVES burritos and he knew taco's were on the menu this week. When he found out I had something else in mind, he asked if he "helped" could we make tacos/burritos tonight and eat the meatloaf another day. How could I refuse that offer? So I made the meat, pulled out some for my salad when he started checking ingredients on the items we usually add (black beans, cheese, hot sauce, tortilla shells, sour cream, etc...). He kept telling me, "You can't have this it has ______ in it. You can't eat this either, it has _____." It was so sweet, and he was surprised by how sugar is hidden in EVERYTHING. And while he is not willing to give up his tortillas, he is recognizing that reading labels is important, and it's always a choice of what you put in your body. A benefit I really didn't even consider. 


I wasn't going to do any food prep today, but after dinner I decided I like how smoothly my weeknights go when I'm more prepared. So as I sit here drinking tea, waiting for my roasted veggies to finish, I've already cleaned the kitchen, made my lunch for tomorrow and feel relaxed as I get ready to see the downhill side of my W30!

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Day 15, Meal 1: sauteed sweet potato, tomato and spinach with 2 eggs over easy

Meal 2: large spring mix salad with tom, mushrooms, cucumbers, artichokes, hard boiled eggs, olives

Meal 3: meatloaf with mashed cauliflower and green beans


Day 16, Meal 1: cinnamon spiked beef and tomato stew

Meal 2: chicken salad with coleslaw

Meal 3: chicken stir fry (broccoli, snap peas, carrots, bamboo shoots, onions and ginger) over cabbage


Slept like a rock last night, was a little slow to wake up. I don't think I drank enough water yesterday. 

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Day 17, Meal 1:

Meal 2: spring mix salad with cinnamon spiked beef and tomato stew (see below)

snack: shredded chicken and almonds

Meal 3: bison steak with sauteed swiss chard and sweet potato, with a side of blackberries


I woke up a little tired today, but I think that's because I worked out yesterday for the first time since WAY before my surgery. I use the term "worked out" lightly as it was barely 20 min on the arc trainer and some light weights, But I guess that is better than nothing, right?


Things were crazy busy at work today, when I started to eat lunch, I was barely able to get my salad eaten before I had to abandon my stew and deal with some issues that came up. It wasn't until about 2:00 that I noticed I had a bit of a headache. But a different type of headache than I normally have. I tried to think about what may have triggered it when I realized I really hadn't eaten ANY protein or fat at lunch. So as soon as I got home, I opened a can of chicken and had a handful of almonds and my headache disappeared within minutes. I still find it a little odd that I can tell I am hungry by how my head feels and not my stomach. But that is really nothing new for me.


Last night, my boys started "craving" Cafe Rio. So I looked on their website and found the only thing I could probably eat would be their guacamole  and salad (which I already suspected there was no way of finding a compliant meal there). Not wanting to be the mean, "I can't have it so neither can you!" mom, I told them they were more than welcome to have Cafe Rio, I would make something for myself. When I got home from work, I remembered they were getting take out, and I had a great idea. I was going to make myself something that I know they would not be so willing to try. So I ran to the store to pick up some lamb. But they had some awesome looking bison steaks, so I grabbed one of those instead. Also picked up some organic rainbow swiss chard...mmmmm I love chard (come on spring, I'm ready to plant!!) I warmed up one of my sweet potatoes and Voilà! Gourmet meal for one. What surprised me the most was my 11 yr old was sitting at the counter doing his homework while I was cooking my dinner. He looked at the bison steak and asked if he could try some. And, he LOVED it! My husband declined when I offered, but I will take the win with the kid. We had a few blackberries left in the fridge from last week that really needed to be eaten, I'm not a fan of throwing food away, so I ate them after dinner since it felt like such a rich meal. It was perfect.

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Day 18, Meal 1: mashed sweet potatoes with scrambled eggs and spinach

Meal 2: chicken stir fry

Meal 3: spaghetti squash with hamburger and marinara sauce with green beans


I feel like I've hit a wall. I'm kind of over the newness of how well the first few weeks have gone. And now that I'm not using food to distract myself, I'm having to meet my stress head on, and that's not real fun. This is the most emotional I've felt since I started , but I guess that's the point of doing it. Now I just need to find a healthier way to alleviate my stress.

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Day 19, Meal 1: salmon cakes over sauteed spinach and mushrooms

Meal 2: meatloaf with mashed cauliflower and 

Meal 3: Greek roasted chicken with potatoes, onions and asparagus 


Day 20, Meal 1: egg omelet with spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes and olives

Meal 2: 2 salmon cakes with tartar sauce, coleslaw and baked spiralized carrots and sweet potatoes (super yummy!)

Meal 3: leftover Greek roasted chicken with potatoes, onions and asparagus 

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Day 21, Meal 1: Monkey Salad (banana and coconut flakes) and something else (honestly, I can barely remember what I ate today)

Meal 2: roasted chicken, sauteed cabbage and almonds

Meal 3: Meatloaf, sweet potato and spinach


Day 22, Meal 1: spinach and yam hash with 2 eggs over easy

Meal 2: large spring mix salad (tomatoes, artichokes, olives, broccoli, hard boiled egg, roasted chicken)

Meal 3: scrambled eggs, hashbrowns and BACON!!!


Day 23, Meal 1: 1 hard boiled egg, roasted chicken and monkey salad

Meal 2: spaghetti squash with hamburger/marinara sauce and green beans

Meal 3: chicken breast with shoestring carrots and yams


So much for keeping a DAILY log. I think I've just gotten over the excitement of finally doing what I knew I should have been doing for months. The regularity has set in (which is a good thing), I'm just feeling a little less enthusiastic than I did in the first few weeks. Either that, or I really am busy enjoying life that I get sidetracked.


I've got less than one week to go. I have contemplated making it a 45, but I feel I have accomplished my main objective (which was to conquer the sugar dragon, as well as getting me back in the habit of eating on a regular schedule and not stuffing food into my mouth whenever I walk through... or near... the kitchen) and I want to reintroduce before we leave for Hawaii. I mean really, who wants to worry about gauging reactions to what you've been eating or even stress about what you're eating while on vacation? We're already planning on cooking most of our meals at the condo, and we know the restaurants we want to eat at. (We'll just wait and see about the shave ice...)


Non-scale victories: pants are fitting better, sleeping better, waking more rested, fewer headaches (for the most part, the last few days have been very disheartening), less anxiety and depression (like almost non-existent), and I feel more in control. 

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Day 24, Meal 1: spinach, mushroom and tomato omelet with 1/2 an avocado

Meal 2: greek salad ( had lunch with a friend and didn't have any compliant protein)

Meal 3: 5 spice slow-cooked pork ribs, sweet potatoes and broccoli


So the whole family has been complaining of headaches and not feeling well for the past day or so. I wonder if I have some sort of cold (really congested as well), and that is why I'm so tired. 


I went to lunch yesterday with a friend, and was much less stressed about eating out than I was the first time. I don't know if it's because I'm more comfortable with my food choices or that I'm so close to the end. I was a little distressed about not having any protein with lunch. I was surprised I was not more hungry when it was time for dinner. 

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I have officially come down with a nasty head cold. I can't think straight, see or hear. It's a little frustrating, because one of the reasons I started my W30 was to get rid of my headaches. To be so near the end and develop these headaches almost made me want to give in and end a little early. I can't really remember what I ate, but I do know they were pretty similar to my normal meals. The past 2 days I've had to almost force myself to eat since I have had no appetite. Last night, all I wanted was soup and didn't have any pre-made, which was a little sad. I was able to piece together a meal plan this morning with some serious help from the husband and 11 yr old. Then the 17 yr old volunteered to go shopping with me since he knew I wasn't feeling well. I'm so blessed to have such a great family that has been so supportive and helpful. As the family sat and ate pizza for dinner, I voiced my frustration and desire to just end early and all of them immediately started cheering me on to see it to the end. After all, it's only 3 more days (right?)


Tons of water, bone broth and sleep and I hope to be over this soon! 

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