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1st Whole 30


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My husband and I have a 8 month old baby and both of us are still trying to recover from new parenthood.  The kiddo is so fun and he's a wonderful baby, but we are both extremely out of shape, which is very uncharacteristic for us.  So here we are... our first Whole 30.


I love vegetables so eating them in any fashion is no problem for me.  Hubs, on the other hand, only eats them if they are disguised in a sauce or something.  My weakness is my sweet tooth.  Keeping that under control is my ultimate challenge.





Meal 1:  2 eggs, chicken apple sausage (no nitrates or sugar), sauteed spinach

Meal 2:  Homemade chicken and vegetable soup

Snack:  Fruit smoothie with cashew milk, carrots, and spinach

Meal 3:  Paprika chicken breast, mashed potatoes, spinach, and carmelized bananas

Snack:  Handful of nuts (almonds and pistachios)

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Day 2


Meal 1:  Egg, chicken sausage, spinach, mushroom scramble

Meal 2:  Chicken veggie soup

Snack:  Larabar

Meal 3:  Moroccan chicken, wilted spinach, deviled eggs

Snack:  Handful of cashews, raisins


I made almond butter and mayo for the first time today!  It was great!!

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Day 3


Meal 1:  2 eggs, 2 slices of uncured bacon, strawberries and blueberries, black coffee

Meal 2:  Left over moroccan chicken, sweet potato stacks, carmelized bananas

Meal 3:  Chicken drumsticks, roasted spaghetti squash, cucumber and tomato salad

Snack:  Banana, handful of cashews and raisins

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Day 4


Meal 1:  3 eggs, chicken sausage, mushroom scramble, black coffee

Meal 2:  Spiced chicken breast, leftover spaghetti squash, cucumber salad

Snack:  Banana, handful of cashews and raisins

Meal 3:  Golumbki, broccoli florets, orange slices


Already feeling better.  I think I am starting to drop water weight.  Hubs is reporting a headache.  But he doesn't hate the food... so I think we'll make it.

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Day 5 - So far, so good


Meal 1:  Banana pancakes (yuck) with almond butter, orange slices, 2 slices of bacon

Meal 2:  Flank steak with chimichurri and guacamole, salad with salsa, potatoes, and mushrooms.

Snack:  Macadamia and cashew mix.


Today was difficult.  Pal didn't sleep and neither did I.  Hubs took Pal while I slept until 11 then we were out all day.  I wasn't starving and dinner was great.



Tomorrow is going to be a challenge since we are going snowboarding and staying overnight in a slope side condo (rough life, I know).  But we won't be able to indulge in greasy pizza, beer, and hot chocolate... so I have to make all of our food tonight.

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Day 9


Meal 1:  3 scrambled eggs with spinach, tomatoes, and green chile, americano

Meal 2:  Sweet potato, bacon, chorizo hash with 2 poached eggs, almond milk latte at Blooming Beets (this place is so amazing!!!)

Snack:  Banana

Meal 3:  Leftover tikka masala and cauliflower rice

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Day 10


Meal 1:  1 egg, sautéed spinach, 2 bacon slices, black coffee

Meal 2:  Rotisserie chicken, cabbage slaw, brussel slaw (Yellowbelly)

Meal 3:  Shrimp, zucchini, asparagus in butter garlic sauce (this was only ok, but not nearly enough food)

Snacks:  Lara bar, 2 cuties, 2 pieces of chicken


I am seriously starving my face off today.  I would trade my kid for a brownie.  And he's a really cute kid.

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Day 11


I woke up with the Pal at 6 after a pretty rough night.  At least he is super happy today.


Meal 1:  Potatoes, ground pork, onions, 2 eggs, chimichurri (love this stuff), black coffee with coconut milk

Meal 2:  Chicken drumsticks, green salad with tomatoes, apples, and carrots

Snack:  2 mandarins

Meal 3:  Pork carnitas, roasted spaghetti squash, guacamole and salsa, mandarin

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Day 12


First day as an official "stay at home mom".  Hubs went back to work today.


Meal 1:  Leftover pork, potato, egg scramble

Snack:  Almond milk latte

Meal 2:  Tuna salad with tomatoes and apples, lettuce, leftover apple

Meal 3:  Tikka masala with cauliflower rice, mandarin

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