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Hi all,


I'm on Day 6 of my Whole30 and starting to get a little anxious about a race I have next weekend (which will be my Days 12 and 13).  It's a sprint triathlon that's about two hours away, so I'm going to stay in a hotel that's close to the race site the night before.


I'm struggling to think about what I can bring with me for a pre-race dinner the night before.  I guess I can bring a cooler that should keep cold, but I won't have a microwave to warm anything up.  I'll stick to my normal protocol for my pre-race and post-race nutrition, and if I think I need anything during the event I'll pack some dates or lara bars.  I actually got a few packets of baby food from Whole Foods this weekend, as I was thinking of trying it out.


Any ideas?  I'm meeting some friends at the race, but I think I'll be on my own for dinner (which makes life a bit easier!).


Many thanks in advance for your input!


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If you're going to bring a cooler I would bake some sweet potatoes and take them. Cold chicken or cold turkey I always find delicious. For an easy fat you can bring olives, nuts, avocado. I would also pack raw chopped vegetables- cucumbers, carrots, celery, tomatoes etc. I would pack more food than you think you might need so you're not stuck and hungry. At the hotel you can probably make sure there's a refrigerator in the room, so even if you don't eat everything it won't go bad. Good luck!

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These are great ideas.  Thanks so much!  I'll probably prep some food to bring with me, and I just read in my confirmation that I think I do have a fridge in my room.  


I'm looking forward to staying compliant while racing.  I have a half marathon on the 25th which will be towards the very end of my Whole30, too.  That one is local, so won't be as much of a travel pain as this one is.

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