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Halfway and Stomach issues, thoughts/suggestions please

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Hi all,

I'm starting Day 15 and day 3 of stomach upset. 2 days ago I noticed that my stomach was starting to get upset, yesterday was a wreck with multiple trips to the bathroom (of course diarrhea), and this morning I'm feeling like it's going to be the same today. I remember about a week into Whole30 I was constipated for a day or two, now this. What gives? I didn't eat "terrible" before starting Whole30, so I don't know that I'm going through a huge "cleanse" late in the game, but maybe? I'm wondering if it has more to do with what I'm currently eating. I did increase pumpkin/sweet potato intake (via soups), though didn't have any of that yesterday. I've been eating a decent amount of sausage, maybe that is the issue.

I swear I had multiple bad cans of Coconut milk, though I did not use them, (except tasting to see if I was imagining them being bad or if they really were).

I just ate my breakfast of a beet, half avocado, and egg/sausage/veggie muffins. Before I even started eating I could feel my stomach upset. :(

Here's the link to my log


I would greatly appreciate any thoughts/suggestions you all may have.


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I just posted this on your log....

Maybe the virus that gave you a cold/sore throat is also upsetting your stomach. I just got over something 2 of my sons had before me; fever, cough and generally feeling like cr@p. Today I spent a lot of time in the bathroom... :(

Don't have much of an appetite either. But my stomach has calmed down.

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