Day Three and Determined but Any Atkins-ers out there who can help?


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Hi all, I'm at day three and all is going well except I woke up this morning feeling like I've gained weight. Clothes are tighter, is this possible? What the?!

I've been on Atkins since 2000. Very successful for me weight wise and health wise. But over the last 4 years I've been struggling with weight gain and difficulties shedding that weight - very much hormone related as I am at that age... *sigh* the science and logic of the Whole30 appeals and I'm committed. But...

I'd like to know whether anyone else has an Atkins background and had this problem and does it go away? At day three I'm starting to mentally modify the Whole30 foods to try and keep more in the range of what my body is used to (ie, less carb-filled veggies). And I don't want to do that but I absolutely cannot afford to gain weight either.

Any thoughts, suggestions and/or advice greatly appreciated! Thank!

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Well, I can say this...I know that for me, I must eliminate fruit, sweet potatoes, and nuts, as I tend to over-do it. These foods trigger cravings that I have a tough time controlling. I have also followed Atkins and had great success...but I would get to a point where I'd over-do the cheese and bacon. At that point, I'd stop losing weight. The Whole30 has taught me that I can survive without the cheese and bacon...and slaying the sugar dragon is more difficult for me than what many experience. I've also learned that dairy products were the culprit behind my skin breaking out, and I feel SOOOOO much better when I don't eat dairy. Hang in there. You'll discover what works best for your body too. Best wishes!

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Hi Keri

Thanks so much for your reply! I know what you mean about overdoing bacon and cheese. And macadamias :) !

Sugar isn't a problem for me in and of itself, I don't (thank heaven) get sweet cravings. But portion control is probably more the concern if I am brutally honest.

So I'll take your advice and get rid of the veggies I know do me no favors and the nuts because it's tough to control portions. And see if it makes a difference. Because I REALLY want to do this but absolutely not if my scale is going up. And yes, on the weekend I am going to have to get on that scale unless my clothes go back to the way the fit before I started Whole30.

Again, thanks!

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