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My wife needs a new food processor


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My wife has gone through the Whole 30, and is attempting to stay on track as closely as possible.  It gets difficult - she's got fibro, and there are days she just can't do anything, much less prep and cook a decent meal.  She tries to keep some stuff on hand, but it's hit and miss at times.  (Umm ...  me??  I'm eating better, but I didn't go W30.  But I do eat a lot healthier these days, since my wife does all the cooking!!)


Her latest trial is burning out her blender making almond nut butter.  It's not totally burned out - it still makes a decent smoothie.  But don't ask it to do the almonds again!


So I figure it's time for a dedicated food processor that meant for the heavier stuff, like working for several minutes at a stretch grinding up a bunch of almonds.  We're looking at the Cuisinart 14-cup machine.  It looks good for our price range.


Are there any other recommmendations?


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This has been previously discussed on the forum in at least these threads: 




Best way to search the forum is from Google. Type Whole30 followed by whatever you're looking for, and you'll get links to past discussion threads.

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