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Really concerned about bowel situation!!!


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I am on day 25.... Can't believe it, and my bowels have been very loose! I added a little more sweet potato the last week, a half at a time, cooked all my veggies, took out nuts, on a probiotic and food enzyme. Now it took me 3 days to be able to go and it was like I had the flu out the rear end! Awful. It has been another 3 days and still nothing. Tomorrow should be interesting! Always was regular, but a nutritionist did suspect me of leaky gut, but I should have done pretty good job of healing that with her!

I guess I need to keep going? I like the idea of not moving forward until all is well, but I haven't seen anyone comment they didn't go for 3 days and then the dams break loose!!! Getting a little nervous!

Anyone else experience it this bad? Thank you in advance!!!!! Blessings!

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I'm guessing you're probably done by now but just for reference I thought I'd reply... I'm a newbie, on day 11. My diet pre whole30 was pretty good (I've been primal for about 2yrs, & was eating sugar/drinking alcohol only once a week) and my bowel was regular as clockwork. The first two days were fine, but since then it's been pretty erratic - don't go for a day or two, and then when I go, I *really* go.... I'm putting it down to my gut healing from the removal of dairy which I knew for a while wasn't agreeing with me but I was reluctant to let it go as I love it so much!!

I should add that I'm eating very little in the way of fruit, but lots of starchy & dark green leafy veg along with proteins/fats, and am generally following the meal templates with foods I've always eaten.

Did it settle down for you? I'm hoping to see an improvement by about day16... Fingers (& legs on occasion!!) crossed!!

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