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When your darling hubby tries to help...


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I finished my first Whole30 a few weeks ago, with slightly disappointing results. I read (and re-read) ISWF and have found some areas that I need to tighten up. We are headed to NM for an awesome hiking vacation on 9/15, and I decided that I was going to do a Whole21 in preparation.

My husband, wonderful and supportive man that he is, decided he would help by making a big stew yesterday to kick off the week the right way. He used grassfed meat, organic Whole30 approved veggies, even gave up his beloved white potatoes for my benefit. When I came home from walking the dog he was just cleaning up.

And then I saw it. The glass bowl with flour on the counter. I asked what he was using the flour for. :(

I ate the stew. It was delicious. I will eat the stew tonight. It will be delicious again. Tomorrow I will tell my wonderful husband about flour. Or perhaps on Wednesday.

When the stew is gone I will start my WholeWhateverItIs in preparation for my vacation. Some things are just more important than being Whole30 compliant.

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