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Breastfeeding weirdo question

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It is strange that you're not hungry at all. You really do need to eat, though. Even when you're not breastfeeding, as an adult human, there is a minimum amount of food you need to take in just to maintain your health and give you energy to do the things you need to do. Please do try to eat at least the minimum amount for three template meals over the course of the day -- if you can't eat a full meal in one sitting, set it aside and finish it later, even if that means you're eating six or more times a day.


My guess is that this may be some weird hormonal stuff going on, and that if you go ahead and make yourself eat, you will eventually start to feel hungry again.


(Side note: as someone who suffered from depression in the past, I can say that can also make you feel not hungry or at least like not eating anything. If you have any other symptoms that might lead you to think that's a possibility, like not wanting to do anything but lay in bed and avoid the world, or not having any interest in things you're normally interested in, please talk to your doctor. Not saying that's the case for you, just saying it's something to keep an eye on.)

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