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Valentine's Day "treats"


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I realize that this is totally the wrong way to go about the re-introduction process, but it's what I did.  :rolleyes:


After planning to do a Whole40, I bowed out on Day 39. I made some kale soup that was icky and bland without the dollop of sour cream called for in the recipe. So, I decided to add the sour cream to my bowl after all and it made all the difference. Didn't notice any ill effects from it at the time.


Yesterday, I indulged in 3 wheat-free, gluten-free Salted Caramel & Cashew cookies (main ingredients: Tapioca starch, dried cane syrup, palm oil, brown rice flour . . .) I noticed I felt kind of spacy after eating the first one and I probably should have stopped there but but ended up eating three, so definitely a FWB.The cookies were just kind of ok tasting, a little on the dry side but I figured that they would taste better dunked in coffee, which I have not been drinking for the past 10 days. So, I consciously decided to "treat" myself to a couple of cookies alongside a mug of coffee & cream for Valentine's Day morning. 


I enjoyed it at the time, but my "treat" was really nothing special. Within less than an hour, I felt the skin between my chin up to the corners of my mouth on either side start to itch. Then I noticed that the corners of my mouth got a sore cracking feeling. (Last year, I suffered from painful cracking at the corner of my mouth for months on end.) It's now several hours later and my throat feels really mucousy as well. The cookies no longer hold any attraction, so I offered the rest of the box to my wheat-eating son.


I'm still going to indulge in some wine and some dark chocolate tonight. But I'm going to re-read the chapter about re-introduction in ISWF and proceed in a more orderly fashion, starting tomorrow. I already know legumes and gluten-containing grains are out for me, so it's the reactions to dairy and gluten-free grains that I'll be looking at.


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