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I want to give up

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Day 7 (Holy shit, I've survived 7 days???) and I've had waves of "I can't do this, I just want a <insert whatever I can see here>" all day. I went grocery shopping for the second time since starting today, and it was so hard walking past all the things I'm dying to have. I went and bought a Nak'd bar to snack to reward myself (all while telling myself I shouldn't do that for 10 different reasons). Felt guilty after paying though and just put it aside for an emergency


I work at a McDonalds, and accidentally licked a drop of soft serve off my hand after making an ice cream - had a panic that I would have to start over again.

Today I had to learn how to cook a new product - steak strips - and was told to have a tester of them. There really wasn't any question, so I just had some without looking at the ingredients. Added sugar, of course, but I think the rest isn't horrific.....?


Could I get a second opinion on them though? How badly did I mess up by just not saying no?


STEAK STRIPS: Beef, Marinade [Thickener (1442), Sugar, Maltodextrin, Salt, Flavour (Natural Flavouring Complexes and Substances), Mineral Salt (451), Spices, Acidity Regulator (262, 330), Tomato Powder, Yeast Extract, Smoked Salt, Onion Powder, Anti-caking Agent (551).



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Sorry you're having a rough time of it with your W30 right now, Rebecca. Relax. Take a breath. Breathe.


More than likely, the "Thickener" in the marinade has some glutenous nasties in it. Sugar and maltodextrin aren't compliant, either. But it's up to you to choose whether or not to restart and/or add an extra 7 days to your whole30. Take a look: http://whole30.com/2014/06/really-start-whole30/


You're only one week in, and a lot of your language suggests to me that you might benefit from spending some time revisiting why you chose to do the W30. If you "want to give up" that's your business, but the fact that you came to the forum and posted this here makes me think you don't actually want to give up. I think that's smart, especially since you haven't yet seen all the benefits 30 days will give you. Things like no more desire to "reward" yourself with food, no more "dying to have" the garbage in the grocery store as you walk past, among numerous other things.

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Thank you so much everyone, I can't say how much you've helped :)


Chefif - Perfect! Should I run into this again at work, or helping someone else cook, I have a plan! :)


Debszie - It's so nice to hear someone say that! I've spent 7 days trying to defend my choice to friends, flatmates, family and workmates. It gets hard to remember that at the end of the day, it's all about me. And I've got this sussed.


LadyM - You're right, I don't want to give up, not at all. I'm finding it hard to stick to it, but I desperately want to do my Whole30, for me. 


I'm loving all the food I'm discovering and re-discovering, loving all the little cooking joys, when something just works, or I taste the finished product and it's just heavenly. I had one of those cooking up lunch to take into work with me today, so I'm back in a positive mindset about it all.


The last week has been a real emotional roller-coaster for me, and I usually comfort eat. I've been doing it as long as I can remember, even if it was "healthy" foods while trying to eat to my body's requirements. Sticking to three meals a day, and mini-meals for snacks - only when I'm genuinely hungry between meals - has been really hard.


I really want to feel healthy. I will cope if I never get the "Tiger's blood" good feeling, I just want to get rid of my sugar spikes and crashes, my bloating and gas, my emotional eating and food as a reward.


I'm going to call today Day 8/37, because I don't feel like it could be Day 1. I've put in 7 days of really good work, of cooking and eating and trying already!

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