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Today is Day 3


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I wasn't sure whether I wanted to keep a log, but figured the accountability will help in the long run.

Monday, 8/27 was Day 1 of my Whole 30 journey. Yesterday was tough- tired, yucky taste in my mouth, etc. I woke up this morning expecting to feel like crap, but so far I feel pretty energetic and clear-headed. We will see what this afternoon brings.

Some backgound on me:

I am 58 years old, spent years and years dieting with every weird diet known to mankind, including Atkins, Weight Watchers, etc. I lost 34 pounds on WW, put it all back on and more I started hearing great things about Whole 30, and decided to commit to the 30 days. I am a former sugar addict, and consumed 2 entire bags of mini Snickers bars last week, to the point of being almost physically sick, and definitely fed up with myself. So here i am.....

I think I will miss dairy the most. I grew up on a dairy farm and we drank whole milk that you had to shake first to mix the cream and milk back together. I am fortunate to have low cholesterol levels, unlike my 2 brothers and sister, who are all on statin drugs.

I love to cook, so experimenting with some new compliant Paleo recipes will be fun. This morning I had sweet potato hash with onions and 2 eggs, and a side of wild blueberries and a few cashews. Yummy!

Looking forward to the next 27 days!


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