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Sick on Whole30 and couldn't eat....

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Hey All,


My wife and I are new to Whole30 and are currently in the midst of our first go.


Unfortunately, I came down with a really really bad sore throat and eating (even drinking) anything was just too painful. I made a Thai Chicken Soup recipe I found and struggled to eat as much as I could for about a week.


My question is this: Will I still get the same benefits on this Whole30 even though my food intake was severely limited (although still compliant)?


So far my wife and I are loving the Whole30, but I'm wondering if my inability to eat enough will effect my outcome.



Thanks all!

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Sorry to hear you got sick, that's always a bummer!


If you stayed completely compliant then you still get the benefit of the "clean slate" at the end of 30 days in order to do reintroductions and find out how different foods affect you.


Will you get the extra energy, better sleep, reduced inflammation?  Maybe, depending on where you are in your Whole30.  If you have 20 days to go, you could theoretically be feeling awesome at the end.  If you have 5-7 days to go and are just getting over your sickness, you could still be feeling pretty rundown and in recovery mode on Day 30.


Don't despair though, give yourself as much healthy, nourishing food as you can, you will never go wrong in that respect. And if you keep eating Whole30 style after your 30 days then your body will continue in healing and rebalancing!  


Hope you feel better soon!

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Thanks for your reply!


It was actually right at the beginning (basically the first week), so hopefully it won't be too detrimental. My wife and I picked up back on the Whole30 in full swing. I do feel like I'm a few days behind where she is (she just got over feeling fatigued, and I want to sleep forever today), but hopefully I'll catch up! I am definitely losing weight, but I was really more excited about the extra energy, and better sleep. Hopefully that will still come!

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