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Restaurants in the Seattle/Tacoma area?


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My husband and I are going to be kid-free and would like a date night. The option to cook at home is always there, but I'd like to have the option of taking a night off if at all possible.

I recently came across this restaurant and it LOOKS like the foods would be W-30 compliant, but I'm hoping I could get a second opinion. I'd hate to interrupt 10+ days of success by accidentally eating something we shouldn't.

It's a raw food restaurant and uses a lot of cashew bases. Assuming we stayed away from anything that lists grains as an ingredient, would this be a feasible option? Or is the lack of a meat protein-source an issue?

I really don't know much about raw food diets, so I'm not sure if it plays nicely with W30.

Here's a link to their menu - let me know if it's easier to copy/paste menu items.


On the same topic - can anyone suggest any other options in the area? Preferably south of Seattle, but not a necessity.

Thanks in advance!

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The menu looks mostly Whole30 unfriendly to me. The Whole30 asks you to eat real protein at every meal - real as in meat or fish. Raw food is okay, but many people have trouble digesting raw, so need food to be cooked to get all the nourishment they need from it.

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Melissa - thanks for the suggestion! I actually completely forgot they were there - and I've read several reviews on them before.

Tom - that's why I asked :) Since I've seen people talk about nut-based 'cereals' for the occasional substituion for eggs at breakfast (still working on getting my mind around eating 'dinner foods' for breakfast), I thought maybe it'd be okay for a one-time lunch or dinner.

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