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Maux' Whole30 2015 (2nd try)

Maureen Boyle

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I did the w30 back in 2013 and felt great.  Then schoolwork got the better of me and I fell pretty far off the wagon.  I also moved in with a man who eats a lot of sandwiches and pasta.  (That undid my last lingering toehold on clean eating.)  I've toyed with the idea that I'd *eventually* do another w30, and now is the time. 


Today was about shopping and chopping (and finishing an otherwise healthy salad I'd made that had beans and dairy).  Tomorrow morning I begin.


For the first 15 days, I'm going to try to get in 10,000 steps a day (thanks, iPhone 5S!) and maybe get back to yoga.  Once I'm halfway through, I'll add weight-bearing exercise.


I read in the newsletter that it takes 66 days to form a habit, so I think I'll take 36 days to do the reintroduction.  (I may have rushed that part last time.)

Day 31-36: alcohol 

Day 37-42: legumes

Day 43-48: dairy

Day 49-54: non-gluten grains

Day 55-60: gluten

Day 61-66: sugar

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Day 1


Woke at 7:00 to at least 3” of snow outside.  


Snuck in one last weigh-in.  140 lbs.  (I’m hoping to get back to 125.  I’m 5’2” with a very slight frame.)



Zucchini and Sweet Potato Latkes: http://www.ibreatheimhungry.com/2012/08/zucchini-sweet-potato-latkes-2.html

Two fried eggs



a few handfuls of pumpkin seeds while I cooked (not ideal)

chicken breast, cauliflower, sweet potato and zucchini stir fry with coconut milk and Sunny Singapore spice blend.



very small salad with lettuce, tomato, cucumber and green pepper, dressed with oil and vinegar.

Melissa Joulwan's Chocolate Chili over cauliflower, garnished with avocado. 



Exercise/ Steps:

None.  I'm at a measly 876 steps for the day and those were all inside my apartment.  I let the snow throw me off.  Or I was tired.  I did need a 45 minute nap mid-afternoon.  It wasn't a totally unproductive day though.  I made some titles for a music video my bf is working on.  I'm feeling good about that.

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Day 2


Breakfast: fried eggs over zucchini/sweet potato latkes (I'm not crazy about these - I think I may have messed up the preparation.)

Revolution Sweet Ginger Peach Black Tea (Ceylon and Assam Teas, Ginger Root and Peach Flavor)


Lunch: leftovers of yesterday's lunch stir-fry


Mini-meal: pumpkin and cauliflower soup (w/chicken broth, coconut milk, and French Four & More spice blend)

Dinner: Chocolate Chili over a baked white potato.  [This was a lot of food, but I was going to bar trivia and I didn't want to be tempted!]


Exercise/Steps: about 8,000 steps.  I walked to work - about 1.5 miles.  Work involves standing for three hours and I didn't feel like walking all the way back.  Maybe next time.  


Health notes:

  • After drinking the tea, I found myself clearing my throat.  I tend to have to clear my throat a lot and I'd always assumed it was a reaction to dairy.  This made me think it was about the tea.  Now, typing in the name of the tea, I see that it contains the word "sweet."  Can "peach flavor" include sweetener that they don't have to disclose?  I'd better look into this before I drink any more of it.
  • When I walked to work, my nose ran.  The temperature was in the high 30s, Fahrenheit.  I only mention it so that I can keep track in case it goes away.  
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That's probably a good idea about e-mailing the company.  The Contact form on the website was elaborate, which put me off.  I Googled the heck out of it and the consensus seems to be that there's no sweetener.


Even if I settle this, my freelancer lifestyle has me going to half a dozen different coffee shops around the city, which means I'm going to run across a lot of different herbal teas*.  I really don't like being "that guy," asking weird questions about insignificant food things.  I think I'll take my chances with trusting herbal tea.  If *that's* what ruins my w30, so be it.  I guess I'll have just wasted a month eating a lot of vegetables.   ;)


Day 3


Breakfast: Cauliflower-pumpkin soup with pumpkin seeds and one small pork sausage link


Lunch: Zucchini-sweet potato latkes with chili and cucumbers on top


Dinner: Sweet potato with chorizo, onions, peppers and guacamole


Exercise/Steps: about 7400 steps.  Getting there.  


*I don't even like herbal tea, by the way.  I like black tea with half and half.  I find black tea without half-and-half to be unpleasantly astringent.  Hmmmm... then again, I did just read a great article on Cooks Illustrated about which teas are best with and without milk.  Maybe I'll try the tea brands that I never liked with milk.  (Note to self: post on the food forum about this.)

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Day 4 (Thursday)


Breakfast: Last zucchini/sweet potato latke shredded into hash with onions, peppers and chorizo.  Scrambled eggs.  Salsa and guacamole


Lunch: Melissa Joulwan's Pad Thai.  http://theclothesmakethegirl.com/2011/05/08/paleo-pad-thai/ It didn't really taste like Pad Thai, but it was really good.


Dinner: Improvised salmon avocado salad, wedge of cantaloupe.


Exercise/Steps: A little less than the previous day.  (I'm typing this on Friday and my phone doesn't make it easy to see previous day's totals.)

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Day 5 (Friday, 3/27)


Breakfast: Cauliflower-pumpkin soup with pumpkin seeds and one small pork sausage link


Lunch: Salmon avocado salad with guacamole on celery sticks


Dinner: tbd


Exercise/Steps: 4300 as of 8 p.m.


Really tired today.  I walked to my hair appointment today (1.5 mi.), but that's about it.  When I got home, I couldn't tell if I was tired or hungry.  I took a nap for a little over an hour and then, even though I still felt empty and drained, I could barely manage to eat lunch.  It took a while to feel better and I'm taking it easy tonight.  I'm assuming (hoping) this is part of the transition to burning cleaner fuel.  I hope I feel more energetic tomorrow.  I have social events from 2 - 6 p.m. and then again at 8 p.m. 


Also, I need to start planning meals again.  There's a whole chicken, a lamb steak and a lot of cabbage in the fridge, but I'm not sure what else.  Also, a lot of frozen vegetables.  In a pinch, there's more of the chocolate chili in the freezer, but I'd like to wait a bit on that.

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Day 6 - time to start over


In my defense, I didn't fall off the wagon.  I pulled the cord and stepped gently off the wagon.


I didn't remember to eat dinner yesterday and I woke up this morning feeling like an empty husk.  I dragged myself out of bed and made it through scrambling two eggs before I had to go lie down.  I couldn't even eat a bite of egg.  After a 15-20 minute lie in, I was able to eat the eggs.  I had a cantaloupe wedge and some pumpkin seeds and felt a little better after a while.


Just to make sure I'd have energy for the things I had to do, I made a soup of canned pumpkin and chorizo.  Not very tasty, but I figured it would give me some carb energy.  I also ate some handfuls of pistachios and almonds.


The event I was hosting was in a bar and, when I booked it, I assured the owner that our group would order plenty of food and drinks.  So I immediately felt bad having to order a club soda.  The group didn't order much and, after the main part of the event, half a dozen of us stayed to eat dinner.  I really wasn't prepared to deal with being the fussy special order person.  I gave it some thought and decided I'd order the most compliant looking thing on the menu (pot roast with mashed potatoes and vegetables) and I'd start my Whole30 over in the morning.  I did NOT decide that, having broken my W30, I might as well get a drink and order cheesecake.  I didn't even let my friends know I was going off plan.  So I feel good about that.


When I got home, I ate more nuts and when I went out to a bar that served craft cocktails, I had a tiny sip of my boyfriend's drink.


Steps: about 4700.  Same as Thursday.

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Day 1 (Sunday, March 29)


Weight: 137.5 lbs. (down 2.5 from Monday!)


Breakfast: 2 scrambled eggs (in ghee), salsa, avocado, bowl of pumpkin-chorizo soup.


Snacks: Pistachios every time I went into the kitchen.  I won't be buying those again unless it's for a party.


Lunch: Lamb shoulder chop, boiled potatoes, braised cauliflower


Dinner: leftover Pad Thai (half portion)


Steps/Exercise: Gentle Yoga class, 2000 steps as of 5 pm

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Day 2: Monday, March 30


Breakfast: 2 eggs (fried in ghee), 2 pork sausages, half a small potato (refried in ghee).  Black tea


1 Aleve (cramps)

Cocoa with hot water (I think this falls under SWYPO, but I'm making an exception for Shark Week.)


Lunch: Big green salad (leaf lettuce, carrots, cucumber, celery, tomato, mayo dressing)


Dinner: Roast chicken over potatoes, red sweet potatoes, carrots and brussels sprouts


Exercise/Steps: ~2000 steps

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Day 3: Tuesday, March 31


Breakfast: Pan fried chicken liver* (from last night's chicken), leftover dinner veg, slice of canteloupe


Lunch: Scrambled eggs with salsa and avocado, sliced potato


Dinner: 1/4 lb. hamburger with lettuce tomato mayo, side of cabbage slaw.  Handful of almonds.  2 faux crio-brus.


Exercise/Steps: 7000 (woo! better!)


*I misread the advice about soaking liver in vinegar water and way overdid it.  It tasted like a pickle.  The vegetables helped dilute the taste.

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Day 4: Wednesday, April 1


Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with slaw and a small amount of avocado and potato.


Lunch: Roast chicken and vegetables leftovers


Dinner: [brehon Pub Meetup] Hamburger patty with guacamole and black olives, lettuce, tomato, onion.


Exercise/Steps: ~6500 steps, Gentle Yoga

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Day 5: Thursday, April 2


Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with potatoes, avocado and salsa.  (Boy, do I lack imagination at breakfast!)

    Black tea with homemade almond milk.  (So much better than store bought.  Much grittier though, 'cause I didn't strain it.)


Another tea before lunch.  Strained it this time.  Really filling.  I felt really full after breakfast and I just assumed that maybe my stomach was shrinking.  It's definitely the almond milk tea.  I can't wait to add almonds to my fake crio bru after the w30 is over.


Lunch: Chicken/chicken liver stir fry with cauliflower rice and snap peas, roasted calabaza squash


Snack: Half a dozen strawberries after I got home from the grocery store.  I know it's not a template meal, but they just smelled so good, I had to have some.  Oh, and three or four raw cashews as I was putting them in to soak.  Of course, I'm hungry less than an hour later.  It's not that long since lunch, so I suspect it's the sugar.  Lesson learned.


Dinner: Chocolate Chili over half a sweet potato, slaw, one strawberry


Exercise/Steps: 4,000 at 9:15

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Day 6: Friday, April 3


Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with fried (coconut flour dredged) chicken livers, cantaloupe wedge.  Two teas with almond milk (added a few cashews).


Lunch: Tuna salad (tuna mayo, onion, radish, almond pulp) with carrot and celery sticks, two strawberries.


Dinner: Yesterdays stir fry + coconut milk and a carrot over a baked potato.


Exercise/Steps: 5,268 steps.

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Day 7.  Saturday, April 4


Breakfast: 2 eggs fried in coconut oil, salad of fried liver, strawberries, onions and lettuce


Black peach tea, no milk


Lunch: Braised mustard greens in strawberry-mustard sauce, breaded chicken thigh tenders


Dinner: Most of a zucchini, half a sweet potato, some of the chicken stir-fry leftovers


Exercise/Steps: 4500 steps


* * * * *


Braised Mustard Greens: I used Cook's Illustrated's method for dealing with "assertive greens."  Pre-blanch, squeeze dry, sauteé.


Strawberry-Mustard Sauce: Chicken stock, yellow mustard, strawberries, dried shallots, garlic (immersion blended).  This turned out nicely and played off the greens especially well.  If I make it again, I'll pay more attention to the proportions and post them.


Breaded Chicken Thigh Tenders: These didn't turn out great.  I coated the chicken pieces in mayonnaise, then breaded with almond flour and fried.  Kinda messy.  Tasted good though.  On the second batch, I poured some of the sauce into the pan to give the chicken more time to cook.  It may have made them taste *too* good.


After dinner, and on and off until this morning, my stomach was making burbling noises.  This was an occasional occurrence before w30, but hadn't happened in the last couple of weeks.  There was nothing new in what I ate for dinner, so I'm not sure what brought it on.  Maybe that I ate much later at night than usual?

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Day 8.  Sunday, April 5


Tea with coconut/almond/cashew milk

Breakfast: scrambled eggs, ... cole slaw?


Lunch: Last of the chocolate chili over spaghetti squash, topped with half an avocado.


Dinner: Last of the chicken/liver stir fry over a baked sweet potato.  I ate way too much ('cause I thought I'd be going out to a bar) and was uncomfortably full all night.


Exercise/Steps: about 6900 steps; Gentle Yoga

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Day 9.  Monday, April 6


Breakfast: Soup of pureed frozen vegetables (carrots, broccoli, w chestnuts, snap peas), chicken stock and coconut milk.  Boring, but filling


Lunch: Half a chicken breast w/steamed broccoli and Sunshine Sauce.  SO GOOD!


Dinner: [Nookies Tree] Scrambled eggs with chicken breast, avocado, pico de gallo.  Fruit side


Exercise/Steps: ~8000

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Day 10.  Tuesday, April 7


Breakfast: Same soup as yesterday

Tea with mixed nut milk


Lunch: Sweet potato latke, 1 scrambled egg w/cilantro mayo, slaw, citrus-pickled radishes


Snack: small apple.  (I wasn't especially hungry at 4:30p, but I had to go vote and knew that dinner wouldn't be for a while.)

Dinner: large roasted chicken thigh, sauteed kale w/prosciutto, broth flavored with strawberry mustard sauce


Exercise/Steps: 5470 at 9:15 pm


Notes: I'm treating a toothache (loose crown) with clove oil.  With my palate not getting too much sugar, it tastes like spice drop candies.

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Day 11.  April 8, 2015


   Tea w/nut milk.  Put off breakfast waiting for a Skype call.

Breakfast: 2 eggs fried over sweet potato latke w/cilantro mayo and salsa.  Sides of slaw and pickled radishes.


Lunch: Odds and Ends Soup - two bowls


Dinner: Italian Tuna Zoodles


Exercise/Steps: 1,230 at 10 pm.  Gentle yoga.


* * * * *


Odds and Ends Soup

- Inside of two zucchini (chopped and salted)

- Stem parts of one broccoli 

- 1 c. gelatinous chicken stock

- ramekin of nut pulp

- 1 small potato

- 1 carrot

Combine in crock pot, puree when cooked.


* * * * * 

Sautee half a chopped onion, 

add salted and drained Noodles from outside of two zucchini, continue cooking

add 1 can chopped tomatoes, handful fresh parsley, tbs. dried oregano, 3 cloves garlic

add 2 cans tuna

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Day 12.  April 9, 2015


Breakfast: Odds and Ends soup, tea with (very little) nut milk


Lunch: Chicken salad (w/radish, celery, carrot, green onion), sauerkraut, half a large apple


Dinner: Roasted chicken drumsticks, (frozen) spinach, small potatoes


Exercise/Steps: bupkis

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Day 13.  April 10, 2015


Breakfast: 2 eggs scrambled with (frozen) spinach, chorizo and onions.  Citrus radishes.  Tea w/ 8 cashews.  Misc. cashews.


(root canal, thai massage)


Lunch (5pm): Curried carrot (&veg) soup, cilantro mayo. Two bowls = too much.




no Dinner


Exercise/Steps: 5,000 steps at 8pm.

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Day 14.  Saturday, April 11 2015


Breakfast: 1 egg scrambled,  chicken salad, half a large apple, tea w/nut milk


Lunch: hamburger with sauerkraut, side of roasted cauliflower


Dinner1: last of chicken salad, celery with sun butter

Dinner2: [Lizard's] small plate of crudité veggies, 2 shrimp


Exercise/Steps: 11,400 steps!

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Day 15.  Sunday, April 12 2015


Breakfast: 3 eggs scrambled, sauerkraut.  2 teas with nut milk.


Lunch: Tuna salad w/some veggies in it.  Most of a large apple.


Dinner: Roast chicken with potatoes, carrots and brussels sprouts over arugula


Exercise/Steps: 4765

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Day 16.  April 13, 2015


Breakfast: Chicken liver, leftover veggies from dinner, nut milk tea.  (Not much.  I assumed I'd have more later, but now I think I'll just wait and have an early lunch.)

Nut milk tea


Lunch: 2 soft boiled eggs over arugula and radishes with citrus-mayo dressing


Dinner: slow-cooker top round with same roasted veggies as last night


Exercise/Steps: ~5,000

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