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Reintro goes a little bit off the rails on day 33


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My reintroduction went a little bit off the rails today, day 33.  


Yesterday I took my first step toward reintroduction at dinner.  We had Chipotle.  During my Whole 30 I ate that a couple of times. Only had pork, salsa and lettuce.  Yesterday I added rice and chips.  It seemed not to be as filling.  Wondering if I didn't get as much meat and salsa because maybe the preparer doesn't put as much when the rice fills up the bowl.  Anyway, I recall feeling a little bit hungry last night.


Today I stayed on the plan until lunch.  I had prepared a salad like I've been eating many days.  Except I didn't have any protein to take with it.  So I went to Kroger and bought a cooked chicken breast from their deli and cut that up and put it on the salad.  It was grilled not breaded, but the list of ingredients on the label was pretty shocking.  


It was a long day and wouldn't be home to eat till late so I grabbed a hamburger at Home Run Burgers.  I had no bun, added lettuce, banana peppers, mushrooms, pickles and slaw.  I'm guessing the banana peppers and the lettuce were the only clean things in that mix.  The slaw had dressing, not just raw slaw, but I didn't each much of it, just a few bites.


Then while picking up some things for my Mom I made good on a promise to myself.  I bought a Mini Chips Ahoy! Go-Pak for $1 - a 3.5oz / 99g container.  They've been a favorite treat of mine recently.  I'd usually grab one or two when I was getting stuff for Mom every couple of weeks.  The first week into my Whole 30 I was there and thought I'd buy one to have when I completed the Whole 30 but decided to wait.  So I was there.  I know it wasn't a good time to reintroduce something like that.  But, what the hell.  

I didn't inhale them.  I would pick up the container and eat a few here and there over the course of several hours as I drove around seeing clients, etc.  Finished the rest after a late dinner of steak and broiled veggies.  


Symptoms noticed:


This morning I noticed my belly felt a little more hungry, a little more acidy.  Tonight I feel a little big of throat / acid reflux burn.  Neither were what I'd call terribly uncomfortable, but I'm listening closely to what my body is showing me.  Just wish I'd been a little more controlled in my reintroduction


Plus, will be attending funeral events today and tomorrow for an elderly aunt who just passed.  It will be impractical stay compliant and pure over the next 48 hours.  

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My advice to you if you really want to figure out whats what is to get through the funeral and go back to Whole30 until you feel as good as you did on day 31 and try reintroductions again. You were probably fine on a non-gluten reintro with chipotle but the chips ahoy added gluten to the mix. 

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