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Day 30 tomorrow!!


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Tomorrow is Day 30 for me and I am especially proud of myself because tonight was a holiday dinner for my family and there was a plethora of home made desserts and I only ate melon and berries. I was worried I would want to eat them and ruin my Whole 30 on day 29, but I really didn't want to eat them at all!!

I won't know my measurments or weight for one more day, but I do know that I fit into a size 2 dress that I bought today. Unfortunatley I don't fit into my smallest pair of jeans, but maybe that will still happen. I plan on doing another Whole 30 either on day 31 or 32.

My biggest non scale victory is that I really feel happier and have more clarity than I did before.

My sleep is usually very deep with a lot of memorable dreams.

I also feel fit and healthy.

I'm feeling nervous about going off the program. I have no desire to introduce beans or grains as I never ate them before I started. The only dairy I will introduce is butter and ice cream. And sugar will be an occasional treat. I can easily avoid soy as well.

Looking forward to doing a low fodmap version for my next Whole 30.

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