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29 Days Through Whole90


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Hi All,

I am almost at then end of the first 30 days of my first Whole 90. I had completed 2 Whole 30's previously and whilst I found them long enough to see positive physical results they did not alter my relationships and ability to limit not so health foods and alcohol.

This journey has been easy so far with absolutely zero cravings or slips to the plan. I hit Tiger Blood phase late at around 26 days but now a, reaping the rewards with boundless energy and I am sleeping like a baby.

I aim to post every few days on my progress.


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Excellent to hear that you are seeing great results!  Those sugar and booze dragons can definitely take longer to kill, good on you for recognizing that and putting the boots to them!  :)

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Day 34 under my belt and I hate to say it but am doing it easy. I am seeing that many positive improvements with my health that I am experiencing almost no cravings at all. All that I am fixated on is peanut butter after I spotted a jar of it in the cupboard on day 30.

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Way to go Whole30by3.....


I've currently completed day 43 of a Whole90. Today is day 44.  it is my goal to complete 90 days as well. I too also saw some positive results; but am not yet sleeping like a baby; thus the post at 04:30 am...I am able to fall asleep faster and earlier then usual; but I haven't quite figured out how not to wake up 3 to 4 hours later.  Sad Face....


Keep up the good work.

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Here are my goals for this whole 90 journey... What are yours?


1.  Nutrition:  

I will follow the program consistently for the duration, with no restart days.

I will be eating fruit only on the days that I strength train or at least that's my story right now.


2.  Sleep:    

To improve my sleep pattern. Hoping to be able to sleep for 7-8 hours/night @ least 3 times/week; working myself up to 7 days.

                     How: By setting an alarm reminder 1 to 1 1/2 hours before scheduled sleep time.

                     How often:  Daily

                     How long:  30-60-90 days (Better yet until it becomes my "new familiar"... i.e. habit)


3.  Stress Management:  

A.  Whenever I feel stressed, I will stop and focus on who God is and seek him.  He is Greater than any temptation that comes my way.

B.  I will listen to music-i.e. upbeat music to help me feel positive and get my mind off the stressful thoughts and/or softer music to ease tension. 

How often:  Whenever I feel stress/tension-be it in the car, in the office, or at home.

How long:  As long as necessary for the feeling of calm to return.


4.  Exercise:

I will do some form of physical exercise 

How/What:   Strength training, Yoga, and/or Walking

How often:   a minimal of twice a week up to 5 times a week.

How long:    Strength Training - 45 minutes (twice a week). Yoga - will be based upon the class I sign up for.  Walking - a minimal of 20 minutes


5.  Active Recovery:

A.  I will stretch and/or foam roll for 10 to 15 minutes after each workout.

B.  I will do the exercise my Vertigo therapist has assigned - as deemed necessary

C.  On a daily I will complete the exercises that my Chiropractor has assigned.


6.  Injury Rehab:  

I will sleep on my back or left side as to not aggravate my positional vertigo issue.


7.  Fun and Play:

I will engage in pleasant activities 21 of each 30 day cycle of the Whole90 challenge.


8.  Personal Growth:

I will journal a minimal of 5 days/week.


9.  Temperance:

I will not put cream in my hot tea for the duration of this challenge as it violates the Whole30 rules.    :blink:   :D

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