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I was wondering if anyone with lipoedema has seen and change or halt to the progression of this disorder?

For those unfamiliar, lipoedema is a condition that causes the body to deposit fat in an abnormal way, it causes disfiguration and pain and if left untreated it can make the patient appear as if they're wearing a fatsuit. Mine is currently restricted to my thighs and they're lumpy but not in the way you see cellulite, I mean big lumps. The only "cure" is liposuction to remove the excess/diseased tissue and insurance doesn't cover it. So, while I'm saving up for the surgery, I'm looking at ways I can at least stop this from getting worse. A good friend of mine, who is a functional nutritionist suggested Whole30 to help clean up my diet and remove any foods that might be causing inflammation and exacerbating the condition.

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