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I'm on Day 12


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I'm on Day 12.  I love the book and the recipes I've tried are great!


I'm doing the plan to get some allergy issues under control as well as cholesterol. 


The plan is not much different than how I normally ate (on good days).  But I have been working 2 jobs and often on those days of total exhaustion...junk food was easier than a healthy meal.


I thought by day 12 the cravings would be gone.  But not yet.  I do think my pants are getting loser and I seem to have more energy in the morning.  I am definitely having a major dip in energy in the early afternoon.  And I really long for a cup of coffee.  (Yes, I know I can have coffee.  But I drink it with cream and stevia...so it's off plan for me.)


Looking forward to feeling better and better and seeing better #'s on my blood work.  (The scale going down will just be added bonus)!

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Okay - I am going to ask you a very standard question - are you able to post a couple days worth of meals here for people to take a look at?


Generally if you are still having heavy cravings you need more starchy veg and/or you need to eat more fat with your meals.  Both of these things will keep cravings at bay.

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