What if losing weight is not the goal?

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My wife and I started our 30 day challenge 3 days ago and thing snare going good so far. Prior to the challenge I had lost 92 pounds by counting calories, eating whole foods while I trained for a half marathon. My wife is already skinny, in fact too skinny in my opinion but she tracked her calories so she could maintain her weight.

So, we are following the 30 day plan for the health benefits and not the weight-loss. The confusing part is how much to eat. We have the templates form the whole 30 success guide and those are helpful but I really don't want my wife losing any weight. Am I wrong in assuming that the eating guidelines are geared toward losing weight?

Should we keep that in mind when cooking our foods?

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The guidelines are basically neutral, but one of the guidelines is to eat as much as you need to maintain energy and activity levels. In your wife's case, that means she might need to eat slightly bigger meals, maybe making sure the increase focuses on proteins and fats and not just low calorie veggies. One thing I have found to be key is to eat enough to be satisfied 4-5 hours before eating again. If you (or your wife) get hungry sooner, you probably need to eat more.

This approach really is amazing. I lost 30 pounds over a 15 month period. I ate as much as I wanted, exercised about the same amount the whole time, but consistently lost 2 pounds per month. When I reached what is apparently my ideal body weight, I just stopped losing weight. I didn't notice eating more. I just stopped losing.

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