Decreasing joint pain before surgery next week

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So currently I am not 100% W30 but am strongly biased this way of eating. I am having hip surgery next week and I am off all meds except Tylenol. Cant take antiinflammatories due to bleeding risk. I have 5 days before hip replacement and it really does smart! I was taking Mobic x 2 years-now just tylenol. Still working Full time right up to surgery which was a mistake. Anyhooo-what do folks suggest, if anything more than gritting my teeth to get through the next 5 days? Anything that is naturally antiinflammatory to eat that wont break the medical constraints? I know ginger, tumeric are great. I have to not take omega 3's so I dont want to gorge on salmon.

Thanks all-wish me luck getting through the hospital stay and back to w30 way of life!

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+ 1 on what Amy said.


Maybe stay away from the possible inflammatory foods as well.


I have issues with my hip and knee (chondromalacia patella and whatever causing the hip pain) I have noticed that if I cut out eggs - I have no pain.  Within a half hour of eating eggs the pain is back.


Eggs I know are possible inflammatory culprits - along with tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, potatoes and nuts.

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