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Day 5, feels like Day 10

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This morning, I was cranky - not for lack of sleep, but because as I was reheating leftovers for my breakfast, my 9-year old grabs a pastry. (Dad snuck these into the grocery cart over the weekend)


"I'm not going to buy those anymore." I say to him.  "No Pop-Tarts either"  He wasn't shocked, but he wasn't pleased either.


I don't expect my family to eat the same things as I do while I'm on the Whole30. I'm doing this for me and for my health. But that doesn't mean I don't care about what they are eating. I don't want my kid to be addicted to sugar (he already is) or to have health issues at his young age (no problems yet - and he's as skinny as a rail).   I'm hoping by my example they too will start eating better (especially since I'm the one buying the groceries).


But it's challenging.  I'm seeing them eat the taboo stuff and I want it too.  I was feeling like it wasn't fair, waa waa me.  


Yesterday my acupuncturist - who is a big proponent of the Whole30 - told me weeks 2-3 would be the hardest.He also said not to stress over what my family is eating - I need to focus first on my well being, then on theirs (hard to do - it's in our DNA to care for our family, right?)


Anyway, I guess my reflection on this is that I was sort of punishing them this morning for the way I was feeling.


Keep Calm and Soldier on!


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I have done several whole 30's and below are a couple of tips to keep the cravings at bay:


Usually it is very important to keep starchy veggie on the higher side of normal the first 10 days or so.   Why?  It helps keep the cravings at bay.  Really.


Also make sure you are eating enough fat with all your meals.  This is also very important.


Drink enough water. half your weight in ounces a day.


When a deep craving hits - have a game plan - go for a walk, do some push ups, read a book or magazine, take a bubble bath - just something to take your mind aware from the craving until it blows over.  

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