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Finished my first whole 30!!!!! What next???


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Hey all!  I am amazed that I did this.  The last 10 days flew by and now I am beginning this post Whole 30 adventure and a little nervous, but confident too!


I started with a dab of butter (instead of ghee) to cook my eggs this morning and some yogurt.  So far so good.  Haven't felt any unnerving side effects, yet.  


Just curious what the next move is.  What have you all done with the reintroduction?  What are your stories?





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Hi Molly!

There's a couple of us who started our reintros on the 27th - we have a thread over in the Whole 30 Reintroduction section if you want to stop by. http://forum.whole9life.com/topic/27854-beginning-re-intro-may-27th/


Some are doing more of a fast-track rollout, but it seems most of us are taking the slow and steady path.  For myself, I've reintroduced alcohol, loosened up a bit on added sugar in condiments, and did a diary reintro at a wedding that did not go well at all. It was quite the learning experience so far.  How has yours been going?

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