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Oops! How long to wait after accidental soy sauce?


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My August Whole30 was a success! But I wasn't reintroducing anything yet. Two days ago I went to a "paleo" pot luck and after I ate something I heard someone say there was soy sauce in it. Doh! That will teach me to ask every time, no matter what!

Anyway, a few hours later I was headachy and tired and the next day I just could not stop eating all day long. Something that I haven't experienced since I started the Whole 30 August 1st! But my son then came down sick so who knows if that was it? And even if it was the soy sauce, there's no way to tell if it's the soy or the wheat (though my money is on the wheat since I'd already been grain free for over a year).

So my question is, after accidentally eating soy sauce, how long do I need to wait to make sure it clears my system? I wanted to try reintroducing a few things but not until I'm sure I'm 100%.

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