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My Tea!


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So the thought just hit me, can I drink my tea? My favorite thing in the world, more than bread and chocolate (and that's saying a lot) is a nice hot cup of Earl Grey Creme. I buy it by the pound, I literally have $65 worth in my cabinet right now. But I have no idea if it is Whole30 compliant. The ingredients are: Black Tea, Marigold and natural flavors. I'm almost positive that the natural flavors are Vanilla, Bergamont Oil (an essential oil), and a few different flowers. If I have to give it up for 30 days, I can replace it with other tea (I don't drink coffee) whose ingredients that I know comply (I assume plain black tea, green tea, and herbal tea are compliant, maybe even normal Earl Grey), but it will for sure be the first thing I add back in during the reintroduction period. 


I think it's safe to say the gingerbread tea I have in my cabinet is a no go for a little while, there's caramel corn pieces mixed in. 

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