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The greatest challenge I face is changing my mindset from a weight-loss-calorie-counter to listening to my body and hunger signals. I've been on a diet since I can remember, counting calories, logging food etc. I had some success with changing my mindset from dieting to listening to my hunger signals and body a couple years ago but fell back into the food=comfort=shame=food downward spiral.


After reading Whole30 I'm confident this will be the approach to address the issue as well as health issues and food sensitivities I'm facing.


I'm taking this week to fully prepare, clear out the pantry, fridge and freezer, create a few go-to menu items, assemble my shopping list and prep some ghee and mayo. I chose Friday to start so I have a full 4 days at home to get into the groove and (hopefully) deal with the initial physical effects in the Whole30 Timeline before I have to be around people, other than my husband. He fully understands what I'm doing and why and will be supportive in every way...except for the way that requires him to give up Mountain Dew and Cheez-its.


Here's to the start of a journey with the first step!



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