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I learned of Whole30 on Dr. Oz.  My wife and I are going to start together in two weeks.  We need to plan and prepare.  I travel a lot internationally for my job which would be problematic, however, I am having hip surgery on 6/19.  We plan to begin the program on 6/22.  I can't fly for 8 weeks and I won't be able to drive for at least 2.  So beyond having to recover from surgery, it will be the perfect time to do the program.  If we get rid of everything that is not part of the plan, I won't have it and won't be able to get it.  One question I do have is that I will probably need to take pain medication during my recovery.  Is there a list anywhere of pain medications that are acceptable for the program?

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Medications prescribed by a medical professional are always ok on a Whole30 - Doctors orders will always trump the Whole30 rules.

If we're talking about over the counter pain meds then bear in mind that NSAIDs can be very hard on the gut.

Eating a wholesome diet should really help with your recovery too - particularly if you incorporate bone broth.

Best of luck for your surgery...

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