So much meat- any alternatives?


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Hi there,

I'm on day 6 of whole30 and I have up'd my meat intake significantly. Before whole30, I was eating pretty clean (mostly vegetables and fruit) with beans and eggs as my most common protein source. I would eat meat probably 3-4 times a week. Since starting whole30, I've been eating meat during two meals (usually chicken, a little red meat) and my stomach has felt awful almost all week. 

I don't necessarily blame the meat for the stomach aches but feeling sick doesn't make digesting steak any easier.

Also, my grocery bill is much higher with buying more meat. My doctor warned me about buying meat treated with hormones since I'm trying to correct a hormone imbalance with whole30. Pastured and organic meat is terribly expensive for this 25 year old, but it seems counterproductive to eat the cheaper alternative if that could mess up my hormones while I'm trying to fix them. The same goes with fish. I love fish and shellfish but I'm landlocked in Texas and six tilapia fillets runs me $18. 

Besides eating eggs at every meal, does anyone have any suggestions for vegetable only meals that fit into whole30? 

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First off, if you're eating more meat than you're used to then you may need a digestive enzyme to help you digest it which is why your tummy is suffering.

As for alternative ideas for protein how about tinned fish? Salmon, sardines, tuna & mackerel can all be found fairly cheaply and are ideal as a protein source, and can be used on salads, or to make fish cakes... Or how about ground turkey? Sub for ground beef in pretty much any recipe, and a good lean source of protein.

Eggs are fine, but you'll find that if you mix up your protein sources you'll likely stay satiated for longer, and you'll be less likely to suffer food boredom. 

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Also - I'm not sure where you are in Texas, but I go buy wild caught salmon in bulk at Costco, divide it into portions and freeze it that way. And they also have pre-frozen wild caught mahi and salmon in individual frozen packs as well. Same with Shrimp. Just thought I'd mention it...

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