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Skipping meals?


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While i haven't started yet, i plan to start in the next few days. But, before i start, i want to make sure i am doing it correctly, or simply not screwing it up!


Each morning i take Adderall and as you may know, Adderall tends to decrease appetite. On the days i take it, which is probably 4 out of the 7 weeks days, more or less depending on my schedule, I normally don't eat lunch because it drastically decreases my appetite. 

What i need to know is, if i skip meal 2 (or just random meals here or there) will my results be negatively skewed?


I want to get the best results possible so i would love some advice. If skipping meals is truly very detrimental to the program, please help me figure out some light but effective alternatives to the meals i am not hungry for. 



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For best results, the idea is to have three meals a day, 4-5 hours apart, for proper hormonal balance. Eat meal 1 within 1 hour of waking.

When it's time to eat your next meal, at least have a mini meal of protein, veg and fat. You could either prepare this mini meal, or have a standard sized meal prepared, and work your way around the plate until you can't eat anymore. Wrap the leftovers to have later (either at your next meal time or when you feel hungry).

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