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Rice Starch in Probiotics


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Hi, I read in the Whole30 book the multivitamin recommendation (page 404) that the company Pure Encasulaptions is listed as a good option.

I just had a major colon surgery and lost all good bacteria, as a matter of fact there is bad bacteria growing very rapidly in my intestine now. My doctor told me to get on Probiotics for a month.

I started by getting the powder very powerful version that needs to be refrigerated and taken for five days only (RAW Garden of Life). My fifth day will be tomorrow since these probiotis do have dairy; I will start my Whole30 on Tuesday June 30.

I must keep taking Probiotics, I do have a bottle of the Probiotics G.I. of Pure Encasulaptions, but it lists "rice starch" in the ingredients.

Is the starch in this case out of the plan?

Thank you.

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Rice starch is not okay during a Whole30.


The problem with our making recommendations is that vendors change formulations and thereby make our recommendations invalid. It is important to always check ingredient labels. 


When I need a probitic, I have been taking Prescript-Assist. I buy it on Amazon.com. The last two bottles I purchased were Whole30 compliant and the bottle sitting on my counter now lists all compliant ingredients. 

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