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Coffee Bean Blends - Philz Coffee


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I will be starting my first Whole 30 next week! I'm trying to prepare the best I can. However I have a question regarding coffee beans? I usually drink coffee from a chemex and take it black. I get my coffee bean blends from Philz Coffee (Bay Area - SF users may be familiar with this coffee shop). Some of their blends are described as sweet refer to this link (http://www.philzcoffee.com/s.nl/sc.7/category.51/.f?fromsla=T) so i'm not sure if these coffee blends are compliant. I don't really understand the process of coffee blends and if the bean itself just has hints of flavor or if they soak the coffee beans in some kind of syrup to make it sweet?


My favorite blends are Philtered Soul and Tesora here are their descriptions on the site


Philtered Soul - A medium dark roast coffee at its sweetest. The Philtered soul has a burst of chocolate with an overwhelmingly satisfying aftertaste sure to please your souls’ deepest desires. A favorite of all coffee drinkers who posses a sweet tooth. Note: This blend may contain traces of hazelnut.


Tesora - Seven years in the making and the first blend to ever be created, the Tesora is a treasure that consists of the most valuable and complex jewels of coffee. If it is your first time visiting Philz coffee, we highly recommend you order our Tesora blend. Tesora, A grand representation of our coffee and the way coffee should taste!


Thanks for the help! Just want to make sure it's compliant!

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Thanks Loulabelle! I also e-mailed Philz and here was their response in case anyone else is curious


"We hope you are enjoying Philz Coffee. The sweetness in our beans is naturally occurring and nothing is added like honey, syrup or sugar unless you come into one of our cafes and we make you a cup and you specify you'd like sweet. Thank you for drinking our coffee."

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