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Seeds / Sprouting

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Hi all,


I didn't find an exact forum for this, such as Gardening, so here it is...


My question is about growing plants from seed, and sprouting, which I have exactly .05% experience and knowledge in...


Seeds are easy, right??? Just plant in good soil, water, add heat and light... Bada Bing, Bada Bang... Nah... Is the only way to growing plants accomplished with a greenhouse??? Most pepper seed things in the picture are done for, but the ones that survived weren't happy with me putting them in direct sun (104 degrees) yesterday...


Everything in my garden now is starter plants, which do fine, and are certified organic by the Montana Dept. of Ag., but they are severely limited, as this is their first year with organics, a test run so to speak...  hence my push to figure out seeds...


As far as sprouting, the Broccoli in the picture is doing fine, but I have heard laying the mason jar on the side is the way to go, and also upright lid down (which would block the mesh vents)... Any help with that???










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Hi I can't help you with the broccoli

This might help


Honestly I've grown most things in trays as yours in the house on a sunny light filtered windowsill

I usually start in January in order to have healthy plants available for the springtime

I've never tried mason jars but the website gives me hope!

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That's fine, but I suggest a gardening how to forum, as some people will simply drop the Whole30 if they can't afford vegetables at the store... If I was starting the program a decade ago, I would skip the good food and go to the dollar store for garbage... Besides that, home grown vegetables are nutrient dense, and there is no way to know how old / nutrient stripped produce is in the store


I can buy a few copies of The Whole 30 for friends and family with the money I save planting a garden...

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